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Should The USA Forgive Cuba
"IF" and I say "IF" water boarding is "Torture", What are beheadings called(?),
"An act of Mercy"?

Because thats what they(Muslims) do to us,

The prisoners in GITMO, get to pray 5 times a day, the kind of food they want, ect. ect. ect...

If there going to get to USE our courts and have the SAME rights as you and me, THEY SHOULD EAT THE SAME FOOD...

What a JOKE, we don't even get to go to jail if caught by them, were terrorized and then BEHEADED!

Do End Times Scare You
WASHINGTON President Barack Obama declared Monday that spreading swine flu infections were a concern but "not a cause for alarm," while customs agents began checking people coming into the United States by land and air. The World Health Organization said there were 40 confirmed cases in the U.S. but no deaths.

What about the million or so that are "Sneaking" past the border?

This is one of the reasons I left the Repubs and I became an Independent, (NO Border Control),Letting people take bites out of our/my country and abandoning their constitutional duties to protect "AMERICAN CITIZEN"(Legal people).

Bleeding Heart Liberals will pay for their ungodliness...

Should The USA Forgive Cuba
You might wonder why Cuba allows the USA to have Guantanomo Bay. Or why the USA needs an offshore place for prisoners. Why does the USA feel so safe in Cuba? You can draw your own conclusions.
---frances008 on 4/27/09

Cuba didn't allow us to do anything, we've had a military base there for 40 yrs or so.

Bringing prisoners of war on our soil would give them the same rights of us Citizens(Due Process), By the way, Obama has given them that right.

NOW, we have to prove that the bad guy(TERRORIST) was standing their with a gun killing americans.

Do you know how impossible that is and how vulnerible that makes us?

144,000 Literal Or Symbolic
I'm not boasting of my authority, But when it's ?'ed, I'll stand up quiker than David did against that giant....

God exalts & lowers man, and those of you who have been exalted by him "Should" start acting like it, and those of you who have been lowered NEED to Stand up!
You stand up, By humbling yourself to HIM, NOT MAN!

I'AM above(exalted) many and I'M farther along in this race than most people,
and I'M almost finished.

I'M humbled before God, NOT ANY MAN!
Thank You Father for the Courage & Boldness you have giving me, so that I may stand strong when the winds of man blows.

Obama Bows To Muslims
You are very right Donna, it's not, and he hasn't. There was absolutely nothing wrong with telling a company if they want money from the government, they need to make changes.

It's called Strong Arming the people,
Aboiut 10 yrs ago(Clinton admin), the Gov. told the state of Az, unless you name a hwy after MLK, we(gov) will stop all Hwy funding for your state.(BLACKMAIL).

The Gov. isn't a bailout firm with money...
I don't pay my mortage, I lose my home(Plain & simple), Pay your bills, live WITHIN your means!

Obama Bows To Muslims
Obama is ready to fire another CEO of a company that has gone under, Wow a pres. can fire a civilian now(?), OMG, and you were worried about Bush's invasion of our privacy?

Oh, what a wicked/evil web we weave, when we practice to deceive!

GM get another 2 Billion...

2002, N. Pelosi knew and was show(Virtual Tour) of Gitmo and "HOW" water boarding techs were/are used and she had no complaints then, NOW, it's a bad thing and those people need to go to Jail(?), SO DOES SHE THEN!

144,000 Literal Or Symbolic
The space station is only 270 miles high!
---1st_cliff on 4/23/09

How typical of MAN to place limits on God,
However the limit is in your inability to understand that "He(GOD)has NO LIMITS!

Actually it's sad that you have limited your
understanding of HIS words, The worst of which, YOU teach others to believe a lie..

John measured it(New Jerusalem)and wrote it down as God told him to(He wrote it, I BELIEVE/FAITH IN IT).

You, of all people should know better than to mess with the WORDS of that book(Rev.)and the punishment for doing so...
What do YOU think he's been doing ALL this time?

Should The USA Forgive Cuba
Most Americans have fed/Funded one of the "Kings of the East"(OVER 100 Million soldiers)that will cross the river Euphratee's to come against Jerusalem and that is the battle that takes place in the valley of Meggido(Armeggedon)and the depth of the blood shall be as deep as the bridle of a horse.

Only a 10th of you shall remain(live).

Your Islands & land shall be utterly devoured & disappear.

God only knows your/our fate, and it ain't looking good.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
Alan, would you like for me to change my name to Duane of USA(Would that help your confusion?).

Yes, I have 2 grandkids.
No(Duane Sr.), my dad died of cancer(Horrible death) about 10 yrs ago, thank you!

Good luck with whats coming your way...

I would agree with Frances008 more often, "IF" their wasn't so much HATE & anarchy involved with her misconceptions of Gods word and her imagination filled with conspiricy after conspiricy(911) and such,
and ANYONE who disagree's with her "ARE AGENT'S of SATAN", Not to mention the Art of War(Bull).
She bears "False" Witness against others w/o a clue to what shes saying

144,000 Literal Or Symbolic
I beg to differ, I have much more Authority then you do, and much more is required of me then you, Do you think we are ALL on the same playing field(?) when it comes to God and his plans for indivduals, God has put me where i'm at, he exalts & lowers man.

Jesus, said that John T Baptist was the greatest among man born unto man, but in Heaven he was the Least among them.

We ALL don't have the same knowledge of him or his words.

Don't get hooked on, your just as good as any other Brother/Sister OR you'll turn out like JUDAS & CAIN, strive to plz God and you'll do well.

144,000 Literal Or Symbolic
Bobby3, that's easy. Revelation is about the saints getting revenge. The gospels are about the saints granting forgiveness. And cities hundreds of miles across don't drop from heaven. That is figurative. All the best to you!
---JohnnyB on 4/22/09

How dare you put a limit on Gods resolve and Power, There is a City coming, The New Jerusalem, The one the lord promised his D's that he was going to go and build.

You err and a portion will be taken from you, keep it up and your name will be removed from the Book of Life...

Your messing with a Book that you ought not, or is that just a symbolic jesture too?

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