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Failed To Be A Companion
Sir, I will give you the best advice that I myself have received. Purchase a copy of the book the Love Dare. I promise you that even if this book does not save your marriage it will make you a better person.

Celebration Of Christmas Biblical
Can men invent ways to "honor" God? In Luke 9:33-35 Peter wanted to honor the Lord in his own way but a voice from the cloud instructed him to listen to Jesus. In other words, Christ would tell him how to worship. I wonder if the Church would be comfortable with me picking 5, 10 or 15 events in Christ's life and making a special "christian" holiday out of them? It seems that this kind of thing would distract from the things that the Bible actually instructs us to do. But if one special Christian day is fine to observe, then who can tell me that 10 or 12 or an infinite amount of these days are wrong? I think we should listen to the "voice in the cloud" just like Peter was instructed.

I Hate My Husband
I have read alot of the comments listed here. I feel really bad about how hurt the women feel. My wife and I have just gone threw a really dificult time. We were seperated for several months and almost ended in divorce. It was very dificult for my kids as well as my wife and I. The only thing that saved our marriage was GOD. We started going to church and became very involved there. We completely sorrounded ourself with good people. I took the love dare. It was very challenging but I did it. I would recomend that if you are haveing marital problems before you file divorce buy the book the love dare. Give it a try if it does not help your marriage it will make you a better person.

How To Lose Your Salvation
If you lose something, you must have had it to begin with.
You cannot lose something that you had not once possessed.

Hitler, Mussolini Hirohito
If you didn't know, Hitler was in association with Christianity to exterminate all non-believers (Jews, gays, gypsies). So, perhaps, yes, he did go. Alas, THERE IS NO AFTER LIFE.

Can Christians Sue Others
We shouldn't forget the Holy Spirit impressing on us what to do. Lawsuits are not Spiritual. If some one steals from you and they have no care for you they are an enemy. I'll pray for them but i'll also get back what God gave me.

If Jesus as a Shepherd acted in a passive form then wolves would destroy the whole flock. Crushing the serpent's head is violent, but it's also a Spiritual matter and we can't use the Bible as law anymore. Trust the Holy Spirit inside us.

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