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Mormonism vs Christianity
Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ is a christian. The belief of mormons is christianity. someone on this blog mentioned having evidence to know that the book of mormon is true. how do we know that the prophets in the bible are true? it has nothing to do with live evidence, it has everything to do with conformation from God or the spirit. the bible was givin through prophets from god just like the book of mormon. so can there not be prophets here today?

Is My Friend Really Married
I know that when a bishop or a pastor marries people, they say: by the authority of the whatever state they live in I now pronounce you.if a man and a woman were to be stranded on an island and wanted to be married, how would they do it? thats why it is in the minds of the couple who's desire is to be married is the most important and that is what actually marries a couple. So if she and her partner believes they are married who is anyone to say they are not?

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