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Are Dinosaurs In The Bible
Yes Dinosaurs are in the bible but remember, the actual bible is about how many books in a library. We only have the short version. The catholic church has the full version but denies all knowlegde to us. Their are so many gaps in the bibles we have. WHo really knows if Adam And Eve was Gods first creation. Remember God is eternal. He was around longer than this earth was created. The catholic church has horded all the knowledge. Its time every church to demand the catholic church to unleash all knowledge they have. God did not make this world for one man (speaking of the catholic church) to keep his word and actions hidden for only one to see. It is time for our children not just their children and themselves to have full knowledge of GOD.

Rick Santorum Next President
Did your know that the congressman gets free Social Security and they do not have to pay into it. Their last salary is their retirement for life. compliments of the tax payers. They also have the best healthcare but they want to deny everyone else, again compliments of the tax payers. The congresman employees are all six figure, but they blame the average federal and state workers for the economy for making pennies on the dollar and slashing the federal and state workers medical in half. We fight amongst ourseves instead of listening to Pres Obama telling us who really are destroying the economy. 168 billion dollars missing under Pres Bushes watch. That pays for everyones Food Stamps for a hundred years.

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