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Outbursts Of Worship
Thankfull,Donna So,many times used to feel down/caught up sad...I was cleaning one time Suddenly outside our church I heard "beautifull Angelic like Music!"... For Real! outside,NO ONE elsecould hear it! I pray'd & gave thanks!Itook it Like God was lett'n ME know Hewas goin' take through! my prayers ans. also,God inhabits the praises of HIS Children! yes,my GrandDad was preach 'n SHOUT! ALSO,MYSELF GOTSO T.V. impide MY CONCENTRATION!SO,GOT RID OF T.V.! Read My Bible! Smile...I am alot kinder,gentler woman now! also agree with Karen.....Love of jesus!

Spirit Or Demon Filled
Wow! Really enjoy'n this forum/blogg! Yes! I agree esp. With Mark,Donna.. We come to God,accept Christ,etc.. Myself agree with you all.. I used to get so Angry! Still,many times We hear fromsomebody sayings 'n church.. Those things stick! Like used to hear " give honor to God who is the head of my Life!" and we be still a "baby" 'n the Lord! Some of us,like myself ..We got to Really "give up! Those things which we so easy let upset us! I learned to PLEAD THE BLOOD! Fasting & cry out to the Lord! I love to hear how others have struggled 'n BE Real! On here! Thankyou all! Love of Jesus

The Love Of God Changes Lives
Cria.. Thankyou! Yes,people benefit fr hear'n a REAL testimony bout GOD MOVING N our lives! ChristiaNet Does have aSpecial Praise Report & New Prayer Room! God ans.prayers! I put'mn a notebook & pray for others too! Love of Jesus!

Finish It Here July Blog
Got to end July by saying First Very Gratefull! Encouraged to press on 'n Jesus name. Enjoy & Love everyone!If I made anytime harsh Beg forgiveness'... Not perfect but,Love Has brought Me this far! I am learning good things fr ChristiaNet! Pray ... I get affordable Computer/Mobil not accomadate Penpal Chat! God able! Thanks everyone! God also,Show Me where I need improvement! I love Jesus! Thanks for New prayer Room ChristiaNet!

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