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Mark Of The Beast
Mark of the beast = image of a man = Serpent = a beast of the field (racial slur)who was a human

Who Is The AntiChrist
Jerry i would like to comment on your post on 9/20/17

In the order you posted top to bottom.
The woman is esoteric
Controls all 7 continents
Came to power after Rome fell
Denies God and Son.Rejected theological identity of God
Killed all the prophets
Eventual complete world control will change our democracy and silence gentile believers.
The wound ocured after Roman occupation and has already healed.
The world under their control is at their mercy to prosper.
To add
The merchants are the craftsmen who practice the esoteric craft.
They killed all the prophets

Greatest Threat To The World
The greatest threat to civilization today is mystery Babylon.

Adam Eve Free Will
John ,
So the 1/3 rd of heaven's revolt was ordained too ?

Adam Eve Free Will
john 9346 wrote
,"ordained them to do so ".
Would you say that,ordained to this condemnation",at Jude 4 is the same about the sons of God in Gen 6.4 ?

Immortal Soul After Death
If the spirit is not present with the body the individual's body is dead and will decay.
At resurrection when the spirit and a new body join up the individual reawakens.
Someone has to carry the soul to the resurrection. We are dead so someone has to do it for us.If we are not given a new body we cannot have our souls back.The person reading the book of life will have our name erased.
There is no book of the dead after judgement because a body without a spirit is again dead if we don't get a new body.
This would cause permanent life disruption,thus one is
A new heaven and Earth does not harbor living sinners,that would be unclean.

Immortal Soul After Death
Who is the "nobody" you speak of ?
That is yall jump on my wagon tactic to discredit.
Are you saying it takes approval from the ones who are in greater spiritual standing with God to get approval to give a "good angel" recognition?
Is not my interpretation correct?

Adam Eve Free Will
If a person is deceived does that count as a sin?
Was one deceived and the other knew better?
The serpent is called satan and satan is known as a son of God so this son of God deceived Eve the partner of a son of God -Adam
And satan was a participant in the rebellion.
Rebellions start with deceivers don't they ?
Christianity is based on predestiny as Paul teaches.If what he says is in truth then no.
If one don't agree with Paul then you are not a learned christian.
Is that how it goes?

Immortal Soul After Death
I thought this would be a productive examination of the gap between the first death and resurrection and who guards the soul as Monk asked above in his question .I guess not.

Immortal Soul After Death
Origen wrote,"each one of us even to the least who are in the church of God has a good angel,an angel of the Lord who guides ,warns and governs.
After centuries have passed the good angel became popularized as the Guardian Angel .
When we die we possess nothing of ourselves.All that we did possess was on loan-temporary.
If we are not blotted out of the book of Life then we get everything thats not flesh and blood back.
Someone has to carry who we are to judgement because our flesh is dead and we are unconscious.
The power to get us to roll call is not ours.Someone has to do it for us.We are at the 1st death stage and when the Book is read the guardian angel will speak for us.

Immortal Soul After Death
The soul that that is in us is actually the guardian angel who is our keeper of it.
Hence the good angel is an immortal soul.
So there is no death between the first death and judgement.
If we get through judgement the soul continues immortal as we then will become.
These personal guardians are trustees of mind,memory and soul.
To those who have their names blotted out is a different story.

Immortal Soul After Death
Monk, if you will answer I get started. Cluny, can you sit in the waiting section for a bit please sir ?Thanks .I'm waiting on Monk to show up .

Immortal Soul After Death
Monk, don't leave just yet. One of your catholic church ancestors received a valuable revelation related to this topic that I would like to speak about. At this point I will purposely retract my statement ," I do not believe the soul is immortal "in my first post because it is based on a biblical only stance .In this new direction its based on it partly and based on a third century revelation from a catholic person as I understand it.

Immortal Soul After Death
I appreciate a your post .It is most understanding and without darts and arrows.
However the soul as I said earlier is not definitive using the Bible.
I am not going to write a chapter paper on this subject but just one verse to prove there remains biblical confusion.
"All they that ------and none can keep alive his own soul."
This person understood the soul can die.
What's your interpretation on it.
I'm not asking you to believe this,just saying.

Immortal Soul After Death
Clung, Have you not heard the song when the roll is called up yonder?It Is the formality of the judgement of the just and the unjust . Was I supposed to answer you before Monk ? Did not know that . However I part ways with the teaching that the ones at roll call or judgement are resurected before the roll call . Our name must be called to awaken us . This tangent is getting away from Monk's space between death and resurection.

Immortal Soul After Death
Monk, I do agree that the individual after the first death shall not perish between then and the roll call . After the roll call there is the second death for those who have been taken off the book . But I differ about the soul

Immortal Soul After Death
We do know immediately after resurrection (unknown space of time ) that John saw a undetermined number of individuals appear on the sea of glass .but this was after the roll call. But this does not help knowing the space of time after their first death.

Immortal Soul After Death
Definitions do as well as understanding change with increased insight The focus has diverted to the understanding of a soul rather than the pause between death and resurrection. But understanding the soul must come first .Remember the soul that sinneth it shall die .True or untrue

Immortal Soul After Death
Great question.
However from the Bible the soul is loosely defined from my view point.
I cannot say the soul is immortal.There is the second death to consider.
However the pause between physical death and awakening at roll call may just be a figurative silence in a figurative moment of time for the individual.Like going to sleep and re awakening in a dream that is real.The Bible is inconclusive.

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