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How To Properly Spank My Kids
If depends now and it depends later on what each boy's personality will be. Some kids need spanking and some need other forms of correcting. Spanking should never be done out of anger and never ever use your bare hand to spank. Hands are to show love with. Try Dr. James Dobson's books on child raising from a christian view point.

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
Are you both christians now living for God? Then if you are, God wants you to forgive and forget. Her past should be her past unless you were part of her past and she hurt you. Then you must make amends to each other to forgive. You can both now save the most intimate part of yourselves for your marriage if it's God's Will for you to marry each other.

How To Win The Lost
First, they have to see your faith. I'm working on this also. Then you have to form a friendly relationship with them just like Jesus did. He met physical needs 1st then spiritual needs. We are to be held accountable one to another. Tell them with the love of God and your concern. Sometimes, people will be upset before they realize that God/We have they best interest at heart. Then let the Holy Spirit deal with them. You just have to pray and be there for them.

Fallen Into A Deep Depression
You may need antidepressants to get you back on feet for awhile. Wellbutrin is great for this. I don't think drugs maybe the total answer for most. Try a good diet, exercise to get those good chemicals flowing. Counseling if you've had major life changes or bad past from childhood. Even our childhood can effect our present. Try reading 2 books-The Blessing by Gary Smalley 1st then Bad Childhood-Good Life by Dr. Laura Schlesinger. It's amazing how God can show us what we need. I'm praying for you.

Is Abortion Exceptable
No, it is not approved of but is forgiven by the Blood Of Jesus. Sin is sin in the eyes of God.

Israeli Sharon Punished By God
Only God knows the answer to this statement or question. I believe that Pat Roberton was wrong in saying what he did. We are not to waste time with such matters only witnessing and bringing others to God for we know not how long we have on this earth till Jesus' return.

Tithe Or Feed My Chilldren
God wants you to honor Him and give what you have with your whole heart. Just look at the parable of the rich man that gave much but didn't give his heart/he just wanted to brag and look good to others and look at the poor woman that gave all she had to give, just a few pennies. God will honor all that you give to him. We are to be obedient with what he gives us. May he bless you with more that you may give more. May you also trust him in faith to take care of your every need.

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