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Luck To Meet Christian Women
Luck isn't from God. His favor, grace, and mercy is from God. If you are a child of God, then why don't you try to do God's will for your life? God has a plan for your life and He made a plan and purpose for your life before you were born! Walk with the Lord and if God wants you to get married then marry the woman that God has for you. There might be somethings God wants to work in your life and the life of the woman He has for you before you two get married and there is a time and place for everything! Seeks God's will, not your own will. And you will be truly happy no matter what happens because God wants what is best for you. God bless!

Overcome Sinful Thoughts
It's easy. Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. When our strength is the Lord's and we keep our eyes on Him, we have victory by His blood on the cross and by speaking it out with our mouth. When your faith is on Jesus and not on yourself you won't fall into sin.

Would God Forgive The Devil
Can God Forgive Himself?

As the Ultimate origin of all that we consider evil (as well as everything else on the moral spectrum) what is God's Primal responsibility for the ills of Creation, -to Himself?

And, assessing the results of this Cosmos, could God feel remorse, and feel the need to have to forgive Himself?

And could He?

Who is David Jeremiah
On thursday April 15th, I saw your TV program for the first time. You were speaking about the covenant of God with Abraham and the people of Israel. It was surely an eternal covenant, but all of it depended on their obedience to Him. The desobeyed Him and not only that, they killed His son or at least condemend Him to death. Israel of God now is the Christian Church, and His covenant is given now to the church the spiritual Israel. As it was said, God is not a "respecter" of people. Jewish and gentiles (anybody) are now one in CHrist if they accept Him as their personal Savior. Israel as a nation is there because of politics, not because God is blessing them in a special way.

Remarried In Constant Adultery
To the many people who misinterpret scripture and believe no matter what sin they are engaged in they are forgiven---you have been listening to misguiding evangelists who misuse scripture in the same way. You cannot take excerpts and tag your own meaning to suit your situation. The Word of God IS CLEAR in its entirety. Yes---ALL SINS ARE FORGIVEN! IF, and ONLY IF, you have repented (turned away from) the sin. If you have the Lord truly in your heart you have no heart for sin. If you have put away your husband and are with another you may word it however you want, but it's still adultery

In An Unhappy Marriage
First of all I pray that you are not discouraged by some of the condemning posts out here. I want to offer you encouragement and point you to a Scripture that may help. In Genesis 29 a woman named Leah is in what I call the epitome of a bad marriage - through a series of attempts to find peace in her marriage and gain his love she finally arrives at a solution and says - "this time I will praise the Lord". For the first time she takes her focus off her husband and places it on to God. Read it, it may be some help. God Bless You

Tithing Not Biblical Sermon
My understanding is that the tithes and offerings referred to in Malachi 3:10 equated to about 37%. There were four tithes and then offerings. So, make sure you keep the letter of the law. If you are only giving 10% then you can't claim this promise. I think I will depend on my savior and let the Holy Spirit lead. I have tithed for years based on this scripture and in reality found it totaled 37%. So, I never met the conditions realy. But I have been blessed in huge ways probably because of sowing and reaping not because I have fullfilled any law.

I Love A Married Woman
I am a Christian...or once were. I have been searching my lost faith, as soon as I begin to find my faith: I begin fall for my married friend I try hard to just maintain a friendship but I truly covet my neighbors wife. I feel guilty for it everyday until I get a moment to speak with her and all is well again. What I feel is not lust, I would do anything for her. I would save myself for her, and I would die for her. Does this make me a sinner or a savior from marriage "consumated" by a man of God yet delivering truth to the real strength of a bond under the laws of God. Is it my will that is tested. I am to love all Gods children? How am I to hurt one I love so much by leaving her in pain. I have tried and we both weep when I do.

Why Did God Tempt Us
God gave us freedom to test us if we will obey or disobey him. He want us to love him as we are and not being controlled by him. =)

Explain 2 Samuel 12:11-14
The taking of this baby's life was an example of the Christ'sacrifice to come. The baby died in place of David. Christ died in place of us. The baby, David and Christ are now in heaven. This incident shows that God is indeed holy, and his laws must be obeyed and the penalty for breaking them must be paid. Yet, he is merciful. These verses show the power, mercy, love and fairness of God, and they pointed to the coming Salvation in Christ Jesus - the death of the innocent for the unjust.

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
She teaches from the word of God. She is anointed. Although Major Christian leaders should be careful and live a simple life.

I Am Sad Because Of Divorce
My wife divorced me and would probably write a note similar to yours. I am very sad about my divorce also. I've appoligized and changed my ways but I feel unable to go forward in my life because of the loss and my pain. I'm sorry that you feel bad. I know that if you ask God for forgiveness, He is able to forgive. Look at all the times He accepted the Israelites back after the many times they fell away in Deuteronomy - 2 Samuel. It is just amazing how much he is willing to accept us back!

What Is The Nature Of God
Ed, the creator is Jesus Christ (John 1:3 and 1:14) And Paul says all things were made by Him and for Him. He has arms, and is alive, seated at the right hand of the Father, and is coming again soon!

Difference Between Catholics
Theres only one church ands thats through the blood of christ. In God I Trust

Am I A Prophet Of God
Only you can answer that ?? All are called but few are chosen.

I Hate My Husband
Love is a choice not a feeling. God will give you strenght to carie on. He,s the master of fixing things.

Am I Going To Die
Death is deated through the blood of Christ on the cross. If you belive that Christ died for you; you'll always live because Christ lives in you.

Separated From My Wife
Wesley, First off you don't need a psychotherapist! This is what the world says but this is not a good Christian approach. Corinne has the best advice. There are good Christian counslers available. Your Pastor should know and there are a lot of good Christian orginizations. Don't listen to the enemy, listen to God's voice. God bless you in a wonderful way!

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