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AntiChrist Will Save Israel
Joshua the Bible does give us pretty good evidence about the AC. We should familiarize ourselves about these scriptures as well. Someone who learns to discern the times is someone who understands the promise and makes himself ready for that day. The son of perdition will be revealed then the end will come. If he will be revealed before the rapture or after I dont fully know. Just be ready for Christs return.

People Are Leaving My Church
I am sorry that your church is having difficulty. I think it would be benificial for you to focus on serving rather than if you should leave. No matter what happens we must realize that Jesus came to serve even though he was the master. Pray for your church and for your leaders dont be a contribution to division rather a vessel of healing and blessing to others. A lot of reasons there are church splits is because people have their eyes on a man rather than God.

My Husband Is Narcissistic
Here is a scripture that I believe you should read and pray over 1Corinthians 7:13-16. You are in a covenant relationship with your husband and God hates divorce. God loves your husband and desires to save him but if you decide to get out then your witness for Christ will be useless. Love your husband and do what you can to live Godly in your home and pray. This could be a time to drw nearer to God and see Him work in the life of your husband.

Is Watching TV Worldly
The Worldly are those who follow after the passions of the flesh according to,I believe 1John 2:15-17 The World caters to the fleshly desires of sinful nature. Jesus said that what comes out of our hearts defiles us, murder covetousnes, envy etc. The Worldly also have a certain mindset that is always against God they are enemies of God just like we were before we repented and turned to Christ. Love Not the World John Said in his epistle. The only thing we can do is Love God and Others showing mercy.

Pastors In Expensive Homes
Stuff is stuff. It doesnt matter whether they live in a castle or a studio apartment the truth is if God has blessed them then so be it. The heart and where they are with the Lord is all that matters to speculate in matters like these only shows how pride can get in the way of Godly thinking. our eyes look differently when we put on the mind of Christ then the questions seem to be like this." Do I put my worldy posessions above God?"

AntiChrist Will Save Israel
It is easy to get caught up with who is the Anti-Christ and where is he? The scripture encourages us to look up for our redemption draweth nigh. The main importance for Christians is to look to their Savior and walk in obedience and love others as christ commanded. To think that christains will back the anti christ IMO is a big fat no because we know the shepherds voice and another voice we would not follow. Get to know Jesus and fall in love with Him and tell others about his mercy

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