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Verbal Abuse In My Marriage
I been married 33 years I was 16 when I married and have 3 children I had no education and wanted the children to have a dad something I did not have. Now I am sorry I did, my children have suffered the abuse as well as me and married abusive partners and the cycle goes on. I now am a RN and just retired from the navy resrves and working on my Masters degree. I had to fight my whole life for this. I realized I was being abused when I went on active duty for 3 yrs. I am now planning to leave and have freedom. I prayed and prayed and feel in order for God to change him I need to go. I need to be a example for the children. I feel like I am done with the marrage. God leads us all in different directions and this is mine and this is my time.

Has The Holy Spirit Left Me
you wouldn't be worried so much if he had

Wearing Jeans To Church
Yes!!!! Do you think God would not want you in church because you can't afford a dress! This is just another problem with christians judging one another! What a sad thing you should feel the need to ask.I know why you ask.Things need to change we are all going to be judged! 1cor 1:27-30

Seldom Goes To Church
I go to church to worship and praise the Lord. We owe it to the Lord for suppling all our needs the other 6 days a week. I searched for a church that had true not phony christians. One Sunday while in church the Lord said to me are you here for me or them? We need fellow believers to help one another through our walk. Lets face it its NOT EASY to walk with God. So I continue to go to church to be fed. And to worship our Father Jesus Christ.To except anything else is just disappointment. 1cor 1:27-30

Husband Left Me To Make A Baby
My husband and in laws tormented me for a long time because I couldnt have a child.I lifted my eyes up to my source of strength and with much prayers and persuasions, we visited our doctor.The problem was from him and not me. With shame, he lift. Had he known he was transporting me to a better and brighter future, he wouldnt have moved out.You will one day understand and rejoice like me. Children are gift from God. At his appointed time,He will grant your heart desire. Move on with life girl!

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