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Who is Myles Munroe?
I don't really know much about MM. But all I can say is that if he is really from God, then his ministry will go on without a hitch, but if he is a false prophet, soon and very soon, the truth about him will become public knowledge and his ministry will just fade away. If you know that you have the gift of discernment, then go by that. If you're not sure, pray about it. Trust me God does not want his flock led astray. Ask and you will receive.

Divorce Abusive Husband
For those of you in a toxic relationship, sometimes it is best we take a good look at ourselves first. We tend to see the bad side of our partners, but we cannot see the good side of them. Try sitting down, and write down everything good and kind that your partner has ever done for you. You can only do that with God's help, and I tell you, it will do wonders for your relationship. You would be surprised at how selfish, demanding and materialistic we can become with our partners.

I Suddenly Lost My Son
No one knows the pain, until you have experienced it. I lost my granddaughter. She was under my care when it happened. There will always be the guilt, thinking that maybe I could have done something different, or what did I do wrong. There is nothing that can bring back the loved one, but the ones left behind should be loved and cared for. I was lucky to have my husband say things to me like,"You did your best, but it was Gods Timing for her" or "We live for Jesus and we die for Jesus". Such kind words and understanding helped me to get thru that. And all I want to tell, those that have lost their children, it was all at Gods timing and you did your best for him or her. May God's peace be with you.

Affair With My Wife's Sister
I disagree with your counselor. My husband had an affair with a family friend. Work on your marriage, ask forgiveness from God, and don't destroy your wife with this. I only wish my husband had NEVER told me. We never recovered from it.

What Is A Proverbs 31 Woman
Is it possible for a man to be the servant leader the bible talks about. Is it possible to be perfect? Where exactly is this post going?

Upset My Animal Is Dying
Hello Louise.

I know the emotional pain you feel right now. An animal companion is special in every way.
The sense of loss that we feel when we lose our pets is really awful. I pray that God will take special care of you and your pet at this time.

I lost a beloved dog a few months ago. I will never stop missing him.

Don't Pray To Dead People
I've always been confused about this concept of Peter being the first Pope. I didn't think Roman Catholocism existed at the time of Peter. Also, he was crucified upside-down, martyred. Does that sound like he was the Pope back then?

Does Suicide Send You To Hell
I think that God judges each case of suicide individually. Basically, it's my belief that if you were not responsible for what you did when you killed yourself, God will not automatically send you to Hell. I mean, there are some people with bad mental illnesses who hear voices commanding them to kill themselves. They are compelled to obey those 'voices'. So, in a situation such as that, God must surely show mercy.

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