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Blogging On ChristiaNet
Funny, end up here!Wow!it takes me back, well how I found exciting, to me.I mean,If you were at the hospital, nobody to even share with you, food, conversation.
Love of Jesus!

Call On Your Life
Please Cnt family,keep me before the Lord, in a vision
I truly believe could be a big help in my church & others.
A day set apart.
I would like to.start:

Start A Prayer Team
We get say 5 or 10 people
have intercessary prayer
hour or hour(s)
pray for all.the church needs,financial,
health,traveling mercies,cover by
The blood the workers
Help who come far a way to feed
our Barrio.

Families that pray together stay together. Love of Jesus!
Elena 9555

Democrat Christian Possible
P.S.When they put Christian prayers! me now, I.said Holy Ghost filled people can go and pray on the play grounds like we used to be able..
That will let me feel that there hope a Politian can be a Christian.
When they the politicians quit goin on a certain online news every hi other month smiling he only got a slap on.the wrist for using,doing God know what else for that cocaine he had..
When the politicians stay with us in.the trenches instead of fancy vacations cause it get'n tight!
Few others then yea I.will.believe not before.
Love of Jesus!

Against Capital Punishment
Hello,Serious subject,worthy of an answer.I am definitely against abortion but
Yes! I support capital punishment.
People so wicked being a complete danger to our society
yes! that person should get capital punishment. The legal system hi must be completely BE Sure it's the right person guilty..

not like what happen here a month ago this poor guy spent 8 yrs.he was innocent.DNA was not his! falsely sent to prison for rape he did not do.
They finally let him go.
So it's a serious not rush
take due process and give a fair trial /conclusion.

Love of Jesus!

Obedient To An Angry Husband
Hello,all respect Bro.Jed
I agree with you 100 %

Paul was adament
husband due a complete commitment plus
requirements are the wife be submissive to.her husband.
Love of Jesus!

What's Up June 2014
I had a funny dream.
I'm at the pharmacy window waitin'
for my meds.all a sudden bell the chandelier lights glare
popcorn falls,ballons everywhere
& they tell me you are the winner

Wow! What did I win?!!
There I am all excited
"You are our senior citizen of the
month!" What did I win?
You get 6 months of free popcorn.
But,I'm allergic to popcorn....
You get a photo of two clowns at the beach in Miami florida
You get a post card from back when.postage was only 7cts.

What? Ha ha
Then I woke up!

Love of Jesus!

Those That Lost Faith
Love of Jesus!

Wife Attends On Occasion
Hello,Sis.Rita much respect and I really love you from the bottom.of my heart,always apology wrong name.I can't see good,you know but,feelings the same He's wrong! You like me have med.problems,I'm in my 60's I am honest to tell you I have to sing by memory my sight worse so I can't be search for words but no ashamed to say I had to stop in a song my concentration went bad a brother talking,interupt honest I forgot the words and not ashamed to say I politely sat down,no one laughed or "brawballed me "
They said we love your singing next time,ok don't worry.
No big deal.That Pastor has no.wisdom,no patience at a 3 yr.old..or worse no manners!
Love of Jesus!

How You Became A Christian
Always at the alter but never changed, I felt if I find the right man.
I couldn't be without a man.I felt God has to.know how lonely,my childhood,etc.

How wrong!we deny Christ when we live such nonsense! It took time.
thankfull for His mercy!
Jesus is so good to me.He's taken me through rough waters,been there my happy days to smile upon me hey, Bad times He seen me through they don't last forever.
Faith like love has to be tested.
Thankyou,Sis.Rita. very good topic!

Could Mega Churches Survive
Hello,Sis.Rita God bless you,really enjoy your bloggs!topics always,let me say I've visited 2 mega church
yrs.ago,if they LET GO all the Sensationalism,the hype,high priced payed famous $8,000 (at least paid) Musicians & $12,000 famous Singers+ Choirs who draw the crowds...I doubt if they be round long,lt become like"a drug fix" the people who come,it's not my type of church, now that I know and live for the Lord. I love my church we keep it simple. I have sang,it's acappella
No glamour glitz you got to.hold a note know how to expand your voice and sing for real!! There no back up,nobody to cover if you mess up!
Love of Jesus!

Those That Lost Faith
To Kathr4453 So wonderfull,you bring up a great and exciting point!
Wow! I just feel blessed to read your posts,sometimes it amazing how the Lord.has blessed you. I do believe you are right! I had such a hard time years walking around felt like a failure because many reasons none all that good but then again mostly self in the way or wanting to DO IT all thinking like I can do all by myself! Dumb...because if that's the case God wouldn't have sent Jesus at all...
God has blessed me to know I need God & I need my brothers & Sisters on here,at my church and I need to keep trying to learn,etc. God word,etc.
Thankyou! God keep you for a real long time. I learn alot from your posts.
Love of Jesus!
Elena 9555

Wife Attends On Occasion
Hello,everyone got a comment for
Sis.Shira4368 concern that pastor who talked to you that's
Just rude tell someone "by now you should know all the words,"especially when you've under gone Cancer treatment!
It's hard to remember much anything! I had a lot of hard times my neighbors did nothing but steal from me. God has been my shield and has helped me remedy the situation. I no longer allow them.much more than."hello!"
now,I'm very alert and don't allow people take advantage of me.It's been lots of prayer and crying out to the Lord.
I thank God for his protection.
Love of Jesus!

What's Up June 2014
Hello,Darlene 1,please know I am very sorry about your friend being so low sick,worsen by cancer. We can still.pray she will be kept comfortable and of coarse there's always a chance for a miraculous
healing from God! Remember Eloy testimony how he was actually dying and God came and healed him. He was on his death bed.Somebody came and prayed for him. My heart goes out and your friend.
Love of Jesus!

Lord Help Me Help
Hello,Sis.Geraldine,in fairness,
I got to agree with Bro.Jed, we have carefull,these "chiches"
not good not biblical at all.
One famous one people use "God helps those who help them selves!"
That's NON Unbiblical all together, the Bible teaches love others!
Do good unto others..if this
the case the man sick hanging by the side of the road,he would have probably DIED.seeing how this saying TELLS people just mind their own business forget about the next guy...
God bless you,Sister and everyone.
Love of Jesus!

Are Cancers Caused By Demons
Hello,Mary you are like" a breath of fresh air"..Thankyou! For being here
we got to.give people love while we yet, grandmother always said that. This so wonderfull to love and pray for one another,be there for one another,Jesus is love!
He is the link that keeps through thick. & thin, He through all we go through..
Jesus said" Love one another"Mary you also special as a friend on Cnt. & in God's eyes! You & your husband be blessed always.
God has been mercifull to me
Thankyou for being here Mary.
Love of Jesus!

Threat To Christianity
Here's my update: Meriam Ibrahim
She is being detained,locked up on account of her brother who is a muslim, all,it seems she is an entrepreneur she has several businesses in Sudan,the plot thickens,the family feud she has no right to go out of Sudan,her brother says she is the daughter of a muslim father.She is a woman ( we all know they do.not believe in a woman having any control of her life) he says if she does not comply he will make sure she dies according to.the sudanese
Law for apostasy marring a Christian is a crime,they like as unto adultery.
Well,I am very sad but, will continue keep her in prayer.thankyou Cnt.
God help this woman!
Love of Jesus!

Finish It Here June 2014
Hello,Cluny,All.respect I did not know she's orthodox hope right,anyway it doesn't matter she is a child of God,no one deserve to be treated so,cruel..a woman who was pregnant,horrible treatment. let us keep praying for her & husband 2 babies safe USA.
Thanks for the info.Bro.Cluny,God bless you and everyone here.
Love of Jesus!

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