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I Have To Go AKA
Hello, God Bless you,Bro.AKA , surely we go miss you make us laugh and you know I like to laugh it won't be the same..they say only the strong survive, I say be strong, be happy, and I send my regards, I pray to be a happy person, of Jesus!
.be bless brother ijn.

Overcome Severe Depression
Hello!! Bro.Strongaxe, see you on Cnt.I/18/2015 how wonderfull brother
Thanking and praise God you're here!!
May the Lord richly, bless you!! Restore your health, strength. Ijn.
Love of Jesus!

Finish It Here January 2015
Thankfull, mostly, the Lord is so good
really glad, I'm smile again, forgive all
evil, done to me, move on..with a new future bright I thank God, let no such as bitterness over come me.wish the CNT family,every happiness.
Love of Jesus!

Pray For StrongAxe
Hi,Bro.Strongaxe,thank God
We thankyou for him, ask you O God to give him the strength of mighty men, his bone, body give over to as unto.the voice of God! As he goes thru Chemo, or any meds..please keep O God with your hand , begin healthy matter in His body, give him a good appetite like you
did me fight b.cancer!
All things are possible With God.

God puts bk the love n mercy, we realize God is our healer, love devine
Wishing you full healing in Jesus name.Love of Jesus!

I Want A Baby
Hello, LeahMary...your post! you sure drive home my sentiments exactly, you are "right on the money" as the saying go! it seems so, hurtfull to.the child n leave a bitter mess in the after enrages, the men and sadly, like alot of men , get enraged and may take it, out on a innocent what happened to me, I was wrong place a restaurent but a real look like exactly,like his ex-wife kidnapped beaten raped and left for dead. I believe this guy, would not have done this if not so hurt n enraged!!
It messed life, too!!
Thanks for your post. Love of Jesus!

Overcome Severe Depression
Amen.It's people like you aservant make our Cnt.proud, I am happy n thank the Lord.for you.Love of Jesus!
Love of Jesus!

Overcome Severe Depression
To aservent, what a beatuifull prayer! May the Lord bless you, as you are a real blessing to others, you know very well the many names of Jehovah.we learn from you, thankyou!
Love of Jesus!

When Is Your Prayer Answered
Thankyou Sis.Rita, I put a prayer on Cnt.I can't remember now where.I am happy anybody give a thought about me.It feels good.thankyou very much.
My e mail has issues..I can send out an e-mail but it comes bk to me.but ifsomeone sends me one, yes,I get it.
But, most times it doesn't do right.
Smiles, thankyou!
Love of Jesus!

When Is Your Prayer Answered
Yes, I celebrate Christmas, I had no.idea the mail is a MESS!!. They have new people at the post office n they are now reject mail.unless it comes with full everybody n they momma. My whole alot longr.Elena is my middle name which is not on.
So I.apologize I miss alot of my mail.I.m surprize it got anywhere.
Yes christmas i.just was depressed miss my daughter n all.
Love you Shira thanx

When Is Your Prayer Answered
HeavenlyFather,I know father,without
you,my life wud be nothing,you.been
always my help,healer, confidante, I need at this moment a special.need only you can help me.I have a dire not
a foolish, but,urgent need you know O God,I have urgent financial you know the need.Please hold my hand give me words of truth, comfort my landlady,this has to be taken care of now! I need you my strong tower, you know the reason, shield me that she will listen, havd compassion, she will get all soon after conquer this this a life or death issue.I will not lie, but give me a buffer shield me from Satans snare!! IJN.

What's Your Life
Darlene1,so happy,have a great holiday with your family.thank God.
God bless everyone, love of Jesus!

Black Friday Gone Crazy
Update,not going to work out! It's over, sad
moving on.thanks! for your prayers.
I wish him well,also..
.love of Jesus!

What's Your Life
To Darlene1, you are a mighty strong woman!Heavenly, Father my prayer is Let No weapon formed in the evil realm against Darlene1 this moment, this time,shall not prosper in the holy name of Jesus! Let her mother begin to feel such a calm,peace only God can give.Lord be mighty in this hour you woke me up to give this prayer I thankyou! Love must never fail in jesus name.Love will fix the broken heart mother will be taken care of n mother will be calm n blessed. IJN.

Black Friday Gone Crazy
To my friends on here,please keep me in your prayers, the Lord been really excellant to me.Pray for me,this will be a turning point in my life.I have at last, looks like something good comin
my way,someone came into my life, who I love, respect, care for he never ask me for a dime!we both have common he speaks french, I speak Spanish we laugh alot try to get each other dengue accent out the way!he a army man pray he gets here home safe soon.we are planning to get married!

What Blows Your Mind
Shira4368,I apologize not see this earlier,let's pray for your friend.HeavenlyFather,We call you Father, we know you are all in all..nothing is or was nor can be except you breathe life into it..we come humbly, bow at your feet.Open up descend on Shira's friend You kno who she is 50 yrs.old again.fight'n cancer.Help heal save touch Break every touch of the enemy off !! I BEG RIGHT NOW, LOOSE HEALING upon this our sister, Shira's friend.Give her the will, the joy, the love of God'mercy touch our sister deliverance in this area of her mind & body in the name of Jesus! Let her live again..Thank you O God in jesus mighty name.amen.

Can God Cure Mental Illness
Hello, Shira4368, I saw your post on "What Blows Your Mind!" Left a prayer for your friend 50 yr.old, female fight'n Cancer again
My apology did not leave a prayer sooner, I prayed hard for her, I felt so good like I.believe in my heart God is gonna move upon your friend. I SURE DO HOPE SO. IJN.amen.
Love of Jesus!

Churches Working Together
To aka,I won't say every one, but, where I used to go yep, it was like that they get everybody rallied up 6am go dwn to the park, all this rally supposed to get sm mexican national fr being deported, the inside already knew he had already been deported a week ago bk to Mexico! They made a big hupla out of a lie, he was deported becuz he had voted, signed documents knowing living here for years no residentional or legal status.It was all a hoax!! The whole hours we were cold n the rain...lost people but somebody filled their pockets..
Love of Jesus!

Am I Really Married
Sammie, in reality, you may "feel" like you are married.Look at the big it big picture, you need be legally married in case of emergency, legal matters which may come up, matters of financial matters, all these things are important..if you truly love this the woman God bless you & her get married. Simple ceremony, what ever then you no longer in blessed
Love of Jesus!

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