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I Like A 16 Year Old Girl
Wow! Really deep interesting kinda scary, grandma got married at 13 yes they were together for over 67 years! My grandparents stuck it out.they were married in another country here its very dangerous for a young girl her age the laws are strict.Give prayer & wisdom a chance,better wait than get yourself in trouble if she mean that much you can.wait be married once she get older.Teenagers now a days are not cautious of the law be carefull sir.God bless you!

Is The Church A Building
Hello Sis.Rita so happy to see you are always such a wonderful inspiration wow! Yes people who love Jesus will worship him in the beauty of holiness which can be at a underground group of Christians sharing,shelter, hospice,neighbor who lives under the freeway wherever Jesus is there!! He is real! Love your text myself...Elena

Trusting In God
Thankfull to the Lord he said I quote,apologize no bible we had a complete demolition bad fire has left us no home but God has been my alter,my love my everything he said in a dream would you love me if you were homeless I answered in the dream "Yes Lord I will still love you!" So here we are but happy,too thankfull we alive of Jesus!

What Is Your Church Name
Hi,Bro.Cluny you do make a good point,we had a quiet private one on one with one of the head ladies who is a leader in the Salvation Army,we had a closed session and we did get into a real disagreement over the situation between a discussion about my husband and they were rather rude about me,return to my marriage my husband is station overseas.we are getting back together.They want me to stay here USA.

Please Pray For Rita H
Thankyou Sis.Rita I never gave up praying for you Wonderfull news to these ears love the joy you bring happy you are in Remission Thankyou Jesus!!!
I love you Sis.Rita be well thankyou precious Jesus you!

Is The Church A Building
Wonderfull post! Sis.Nichol Lacey,I am legal blind but
Hope I got your name spelled correctly.God Bless yours truly

Go To Church Daily
Praise the Lord! Well,it is my heart felt opinion we need the Lord we can't do nothing without him,no matter even.if we think we can carry on ...every day is a blessing I had. Terrible fire take all my worldly possessions but thank God he left me better off now I.know I will praise God he took care of us,we alive I.plan to be in the house of the Lord every chance I get no matter what...I owe him big time ijn.

What Is Your Church Name
Hello,want to leave a message that I thank God for my church soon as I get a place to stay I believe our blessed priest will see this I miss you all so very much...soon I get a house some how I will be back this has to be a blessing I miss you all at All Saints Church of jesus Elena

What Is Your Church Name
My home church is All Saints Catholic Church,but now that we are in transition my home got burned down we live in a shelter.We be going to the Salvation Army church...nice people thankfull for their help. & spiritual guidance.

Prayer For Dallas Police
Thankyou Sis.Chria9396 good reply!!
Also agree with Darlene 1
You are exactly right,thankyou for your encouraging answer we need to be prayerful in this whole situation.God help us all,be seeking His face....sincerely Elena95555

Prayer For Dallas Police
Hatred stirs up more hate,yet
Love opens a door to wisdom and understanding and eventually moving toward forgiveness....
Love of JesusChrist!!!

Financial Crises At Some Churches
Good thankyou Sis.Rita just found your response!you sure are right on.,.been worried about it! Mercy my husband in SouthAfrica he also is a leader in church.He would advice about that like you said it kept bothing me.That great what advice really appreciate's me like bond some what!!God bless you Sis.Rita.thankyou in jesus name.

Formation Of Catholic Church
Hello Sis.Nicole you right about what you said here,alot of Black people will say are you Mexican?? I just start cracking up!! My answer similar No ,not mexican.Cuban american.
Ha ha God bless you my sister.
God is love.

Financial Crises At Some Churches
Again to Bro.Cluny,be honest most churches in the last say five to ten years that has been often they having trouble desperately need $$$$
I heard they having a hard time the churches..that where I heard it because I kept hearing It like a Broken rcord they need money.

Financial Crises At Some Churches
Bro.Cluny I will give you a few Example when I used to go to.the they pretty much sell dinners and such they also gave food out side the church.Clothes too thrift Store where they sold clothing for the poor.

Financial Crises At Some Churches
In short Bro.Cluny everyone I went to.they have always be complain about the strict and like that...that was my point you wanted me to.explain.I just know the church has became kind of like paranoid about the govt.far as I could see. God bless you Bro.Cluny

Financial Crises At Some Churches
In short,I do understand what Sis.Rita is saying and point out I agree with her,I'm on small income and there no way me to have to feel,got put my name where I live we do not have here a checking account
I.don't see how I.should be order to have to do it.what you give is bewteen you & God.thankyou Sis.Rita

Formation Of Catholic Church
This is really Interesting family speak Spanish
Of course you right the Cubans we speak very different fron the mexican,etc. I speak also portugus half on that side of the family were slaves under the portugus/ people (very seldom talk about it) Now have good relationship Cuba with the portugus...I sing in portuques love the church songs.

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