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Divorce My Lazy Husband
I agree with bridg4675. I too have a lazy husband who is in his way out. I am sending him back to his MOM. God says that those who don't want to work should not eat neither and those who don't provide for the family are like those who have denied the faith. So I don't want to continue being marry to a lazy and unfailful man to me and God.

False Preachers Today
No one is perfect.However, there is no excuse good enough when it comes to Blatant false teachers or preachers who refuse to admit their error and have an agenda to deceive... I have a friend that is a preacher...We love him, but I refuse to sit under his leadership bec he takes away from the Word of God through his unbelief and theology.I am not going to sit under a leader who dismantles the very Word of God.Matthew 7:23 says it all. And Jesus has so warned us concerning the issue of falsehood.

Different Types Of Christianity
Moderator? Are you kidding me? I do not even know what the "Emergent church" is, as of yet? I have never heard of it until today.But,I think it meant New Age...
However, I am guessing that it is probably just another denominational religion...But, I can assure you that it is not in my Holy Bible.However,I am smart enough to know that the "Doctrines of Demons" comes to mind.Just like with every other false religion!
Now be sure and put this one through.

Was Satan The Music Director
In heaven-Lucifer was not only a musician but he was music in himself.So do we wonder that he controls so much of the music in the world today?He could break into a sound which would resemble that of a thousand perfectly co-ordinated orchestra's.The workmanships of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou was created.{Ezek 28:13}This was his praise to the God of heaven.To be cont'd.

Was Satan The Music Director
Thus in this creature of spotless character, flawless beauty, unceasing praise, unimaginable color, and "musical majesty" we have "Lucifer" before he became "Satan"!
And now he is known as a defeated foe because of his self-deception.He became self-deceived thinking that he could actually dethrone the God of the universe.And, now he is a doomed to a Lake of Fire, "Fallen Angel"."The deceiver, the killer, the liar, the thief, the destroyer, The doomed!

Different Types Of Christianity
Lisa, New Age?
What does New Age have to do with the God of the Holy Bible?
New Age sounds to me like Real Religionism...Wow...
Can you imagine all the devils and demons in that environment...? The witches must be having a field day.
Scientology? Doctrines of Demons? Religious Tradition, Humanism, etc. etc.and on and on? Again, This brings you right back to Matthew 7:23.Read it for yourself...Do not be deceived.You need to be filled with the Spirit of Truth.

King James Only Christian
Emcee, Now you know exactly who I serve...The God of Abraham Issac and Jacob...Jesus is My Lord and Savior...I don't read anything that is not Jesus.Yes I have many different translations but they all contain the Word of God.My fav's are KJV,AMP.NLT,CEV,Weymouth,Original Greek and Hebrew.I have KJV Ps.151 from the dead sea scholls...etc.etc.on and on.Show me in Scripture where one is not to read a certain translation of the bible and I will research that.In His Love Emcee.
Shanah Tova

Can We Lose Our Salvation
Sinless No...Forgiven yes...This is why Jesus died for all of our "Past", "Present" and "Future sins".The Only sin that Jesus did not cover on the cross for mankind was the one of rejecting Him as Savior...People in hell today are there bec they rejected the Savior Jesus Christ and died in their sins.However, According to some denominations He didn't cover "Smoking Cigarettes"...What a trampling of the blood of Jesus.

My Husband Will Not Work
Dearest,This website welcomes these kinds of questions through their PenPal agenda.However, use much discretion. This post should be used only to answer questions concerning God and the Bible...Personal stuff is just that.Personal...Let me recommend taking it only to God and a very good best friend and then keep the words and information limited.
Words are Power.We don't need to give our words away unless it concerns the Word of God.And the Word of God is God's Word that changes lives.

Can We Lose Our Salvation
Only if they never had it.Salvation means:"Vines Dictionary of the Bible" Savior,deliverance,preservation, safety,health,God's power to deliver from the bondage of sin,peace,harmony,sanctification,deliverance from the wrath of God,destined to be executed upon the ungodly at the end of this age, blessings,bestowed on men in Christ through the Holy Spirit.However,You have to ask for the Baptism in the Holy Ghost after salvation...And then receive it, as another free gift.

What Is The Gospel
Catherine...God is Love...What Bible are you reading? Look in the back of your Bible and look up the Word Love.Write down every Scripture verse concerning Love...Then take every verse and study every single verse in the Bible pertaining to Love.And then you will have a little book on what God says about Love..Then you can choose to believe God or you can choose to believe the liar.
And then come back on with all of your correct answers.This is called Truth.Proper context...Truth...etc.etc.

What Is The Gospel
Jesus Christ is the "Good News Gospel"...However, there are a lot of religions that add and take away from the Good News Gospel of Jesus Christ and preach another "Gospel", Their own.
Read Deuteronomy 4:2,Proverbs 30:6, and Revelation 22:18-19...These Scriptures are referring to all the false teachers and preachers.
Shanah Tova

Who is John Hagee?
Todd 1,Anyone can twist the Scriptures...That's why we are responsible to check people out and make sure that what they are saying lines up with the uncompromising "Word of God"...It is a known fact that any person could be called a false teacher or preacher...But you have to prove that they are,and you do that through God's Word.I can spot religion a mile away...And it is bec I study the Word of God daily and have for eleven years now.If you follow Jesus you study Jesus/God in The Jesus Book.

Who is John Hagee?
He is a Truth preacher and misunderstood on some issues...However, from what I know about him his wife Diana use to be "Catholic".Until she accepted the Truth.However, maybe she was one of those Catholics that did not worship Mary, believed in hell instead of purgatory, Prayed to God instead of an idol "Rosary beads", etc. etc.

Does God Change His Mind
God doesn't change His Mind or "HIS WORD"!

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