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Was Mary Free Of Sin
For ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
Mary needed a savior as we do.

What Is Christian Dating
After taking the dating and marriage quiz, I realize there is more for me to learn. I have tried it my way and the worlds way. I have come to the conclusion that God's way is better. I need a soul mate and only God can provide that. If I go looking, I will get the wolves in sheeps clothing or worse. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman and it is best to wait until marriage for sex, so the person having it with you, values you.

Could God Be Mad At Me
Jesus said,"Be angry and sin not".He's not angry.We're living in this imperfect world He said we would have tribulations.It's thru such times He teaches us to trust & lean on Him. It's impossible to please God without faith.Jesus is our 'lawyer'.Ask for His wisdom in all situations and He promises to give us the words when we need them. Open your mouth and you'll be surprised how He'll speak through you His words.It's not easy the first few trials but it gets easier as you expeience His help.

Third Online Date Not Working
I met a gentleman from across the states. First month, we shared 3x daily. I met with pastor, prayed DAILY. 6 months later we had first phone conversation. April we decided to meet. we were on the phone 5 hours nightly praying, reading the bible, laughed, shared. Engaged and I began planning wedding. He flew here. 3 days later the engagement and wedding were in jeopardy. Met again September. Wedding postponned. January ring returned. We speak, are devistated. Warning from God OR not enough 'personal' time. He's all I ever wanted. I'm back because I hope. 2 years Eliza8874

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