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Soul Winning Strategies
I honesty believe we must demonstrate our sincere love and concern first. No one cares how much we know until they know how much we care. It may take a long time to win their confidence and friendship. You may have to go out of your way a long way so they trust that you have no ulterior motives. I start by praying GOD will prepare their heart, and open the door before I attempt to witness. HE will give me opportunity when HE has them prepared. Be patient and wait upon the LORD, and be prepared with His Word. Remember it's NOT our word, but God's that He'll bless. "MY WORD...will not return void..."

Should Women Lower Their Standards
Well...just what are the standards? Some think of themselves more highly than they should and have impossible standards. I'd have liked a knock-'em-dead handsome man, brilliant, great sense of humor, who worships me, Plus very rich..just to name a few of my original qualification standards for a husband.. but...I had to lower my standards and settle for everything but the rich part....LOL. Glad my husband lowered his standards I was acceptable.

Satan Chose Woman For Anti-Christ
Are you asking if the anti-christ could be conceived by satan? I don't recall any scripture to indicate this. I do not believe satan has the power to create life..only distroy it. He will be a normally born man..who reject GOD...(that's not far fetched!)consequency do the devil's biding. He may very well be working behind the scenes NOW..and will be revealed immediatly following the catching away of believers...(rapture)..followed by the great tribulation.

What Does Born Again Mean
Born again, or born a second time. Once physically, then born a second time, spiritually. You must be born to God to have a spiritual life IN CHRIST Jesus. If not...when we die physically...our soul is not alive to Christ and we die in our sin without redemption...which ONLY Christ can provide. NO relationship to God through HIS only begotton SON, No hope. When we are born again, we will only die physically...NEVER spiritually. AT our physical death...we will be more alive than ever before.

God Makes Everyone Know Him
Romans 1:20 God put the knowledge of Himself in the heart of every person everywhere. However like others have said, many reject Him. The choice is theirs.

My Last Kid Left Home
OH the quiet time to yourself is wonderful. Enjoy your time alone...just you and God. Check out a new hobby or the new books. Plan to have a guest for a meal as often as you feel up to it. volunteer....there's no end to that need. Your life will soon be so full you'll be amazed. ENJOY....and BE thankful for this new avenue with expectation. Keep us posted in your new life adventures. We all appreciate suggestion and updates on each other.

Am I Spirit Filled Or Not
When you trusted Christ ALONE for the remission of your sin and received Him as your Savior, you received ALL OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD. He doesn't come in bits and pieces. You either have HIM Or you don't. Study the scriptures daily and fellowship with HIM. He IS your spiritual life. You are either alive or dead spiritually. You either HAVE all of The Holy Spirit of God or none at all. So you HAVE the answer to your question. One is not a little pregnant. You either are, or NOT. See the point?

Why Is America Still In Iraq
2. I've seen the masses of youth 20-30 yr old hanging out on 3:00 PM and 1:00 AM. Who buys their bread? We need more conservatism in society...not less. The problem with schools is NOT's discipline. There HAS to be consequences to wrong choices. That is not enforced with the liberal attitude society practice today.

Can We Kill Our Enemies
GOD instituted governments for our order& good? If proven offenders were executed they would Never have the opportunity to repeat their crimes against the innocent again. You say, "Love them into being good?" Have you tried it?
It is VERY sinful for individuals to take up the matters of justice and revenge into their own hands, but God in his wisdom gave us governments to make decisions. When the people are goes the government. Real Christians, PRAY FOR YOUR authorities.

Why Is America Still In Iraq

Why Is America Still In Iraq
Smart Muslims living in a free country WILL behave themselves until it's time to take advantage. I witnessed, Palestinian Muslims in Israel. Even the Arab children were mean, throwing boiling water on each other!! I worked at a camp for Arab children for 6 weeks and heard first hand horror stories of what happened to young women suspected/accused of being friends of an unproved man. They burned her to death in a ditch outside of town!! You still think they are a good and kind religion???

Why Is America Still In Iraq
Madison, where are the Muslims whom you know? If they are in a free country...of course they are civil for now...they AREN'T stupid, but let the ratio of balance tip in their majority...they take full power then see their values and character change. YOU won't think they are so good and kind then. The terrorist we have seen are but the fore-runners of what's to come. I think that will be the time of The Great Tribulation. So buckle your seat's a rough road ahead.

Why Is America Still In Iraq
S. Baptist DO NOT say wives should "submit graciously to their husbands, regardless of the request." When a husband loves his wife as Christ loved his Church, it's a joy to serve and honor him. We are not obligated to honor OR obey if he is opposing God's WORD.
"Most will not ordain women.". True! and it's totally scriptural. Randy, you need to know what you're talking about before you respond. You are wrong and ignorant about Islam....and very wrong about Baptist.

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