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Why Did God Create Man
God created man for love and fellowship. Imagine that!!

Do You Dress Up For Church
I'm not saying one should wear suit and tie, hoes, heels & white gloves, but ragged cut offs, tube tops and thongs are only appropiate at home or in the barn. The way some dress in God's house is dishonoring and speaks volumns of their heart attitude.. True your heart is more important than your clothes..but to dress DOWN says a lot more to everyone than you may think. Wonder what God thinks of this sloppy attitude before HIM?

How Do You Get To Heaven
"Born Again" John 3:3 is God's term. We are born physically, then born the second time "born again" to life in the Spirit for God THROUGH Jesus Christ. Once that birth takes place in your soul you are not the same. You have a deeper/richer life with broader vision....eternity in view. YOu see the big picture! You have life eternal through Christ, made known to you by THE HOLY SPIRIT. Everyone knows ABOUT GOD...but not all are born the second time, with a spirit for GOD.

Are Jehovah Witnesses A Cult
OH MY....the twists and lies of the JW is unending. They believe Jesus is "A" god and you can become "A" god also. That is a bold lie from the devil himself. Jesus is THE Christ THE SON OF GOD. He is God Almighty...and none less. No angel business to it. THEY ARE A CULT and you need to run. They are decietful and cunning...with falsehoods. Don't be lead astray by their words...the watch tower. They don't use THE WORD OF GOD..they have their own version.

Can I Marry A Muslim
Yes you can marry and be unequally yoke together...but be fore warned. You will experience great tribulation and regret for years to come. It would be best to wait for the man the LORD brings into your life because it's better to stand alone than with the enemy of Your Savior, Jesus Christ. You do not worship the same God and the consequences are disaster. WAIT...and PRAY.

How To Restore Your Salvation
Eloy, we're talking about people who have already received Christ as their savior and Lord. If our love for the Lord I'm sure you are also guilty of from time to time, Then we get in His Word and ask for restoration...but we are NOT LOST in that state. We can not "work" our way back into the family because we were always a part of GOD's amazing GRACE...NOT by our works or deed of righteousness. The prodigal's FATHER IS OUR FATHER...See his example.

His Mom Is Leaving Him
The boy's mother has to be a very confused and selfish woman. Help him understand this and that it is not his fault. Actions of parents are often taken upon their children...a false guilt. She may come around and see the error of her ways and he'll then have to forgive her for both their sakes. Like others have a friend and listen with TLC.

Do You Dress Up For Church
Our church is middle to upper income. We have a LOT of college students, which I have observed we overly cater to. Seems to me most of the congregation dresses down to come to church. If we were meeting with the Queen of England or a president..would we dress that way? Shorts and sandles....some look like they are going to the beach. It's THE HOUSE OF WORSHIP to GOD we not respect that fact?

How To Restore Your Salvation
Eloy, You can't "work out" what is not IN YOU. It could be translated...."live out" (a lifestyle) If you must "work" to retain your salvation, it's not a gift at all. No Grace in that. You are saying Jesus isn't sufficent to save to the uttermost. With that would deserve some credit for your salvation! That's major pride....A major SIN and you are guilty of leading people astray and degrading the blood of Jesus and God's amazing grace. See our point?

Prayer For Nephew Missing In Iraq
Barbara...I'm lifting Jeff and his co-pilot to Jesus, Our advocate. May Jesus be glorified and Jeff and family abundantly blessed. I pray for peace of mind and heart. I KNOW how quickly we can slip into anxiety. See the thousands who are standing in the gap and holding Jeff and you before the Throne of GOD. Phil 4:6-7- Is. 26:3--

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