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Find A Good Wife Without Prayer
I am not sure that I understand your question but-All things are possible with God. His plans for us are good plans. He loves us and wants us to be happy. It is good advice to pray about everything. God blesses un more than we can imagine and feel like we deserve. God is so good.

Satan Chose Woman For Anti-Christ
The ? is in the realm of could,if and maybe; and as such I will comment. Please be careful how u hear. Living in an age of modern technology."Rev.17:11-the beast who once was, and now is not, is an eighth king." Suggests a clone. : )
Daniel 11:36-39-explains his character-seems he doesn't recieve motherly instruction or affection-nor cares about anything but himself--Satan goals-I will exalt..

What Is The Unworthy Manner
If you read the complete letter; that question is clearly answered. Of course we know that Jesus, a Jew was celebrating the passover, a mandatory holiday for the Jewish People. (Space is limited here to go into detail)Read and you shall find out. Some used it as a regular supper instead of a holy command and the symbolism soon to be accomplished in the sacrifice of the Lamb, Jesus.

How Do You Forgive Yourself
The Spirit of God is greater than your spirit. Believe that God's love for you is far greater than you, conscience and opinion. His sacrifice on the cross, the lashings, the beatings were to erase your guilt and make you a new creature. Live as the new creature. Praise Him early morning, all day long. Praise the shame away.

Why Do I Fall In Love So Quickly
I see something very positive here. Now that you know your emotions can send you the wrong way; you can be alert at this potential. 'Guard your heart...' Calm your soul with God's Word. Rest in His love. Live like Jesus will be here at any moment. It will change your attitude toward--falling in love quickly--

Are We Living In Sin Together
Some christians who accept the Lord; but do not renew their minds with the Word, fall into this type of confusion. A born again believer acquaintance(active in the church)
asked me "Do you think that God is pleased with me living with Joe?" I was so surprised that she actually didn't know. I gave her a few scriptures and looked her in the and told her,"I can safely say that He is not pleased" She stared for a moment until it sunk in then she says,"You know I had a feeling that He wasn't pleased" Search the Word and your heart.

How To Deal With Men Attention
If the remarks are compliments, thank them; if they are sexual advances, report it to the boss and refuse to serve the individuals. If it can lead to a dangerous situation; put resumes and take interviews for a safer job. Your beauty may attract some people and give you an opportunity to be a witness for Jesus. Just use wisdom and discretion, the Holy Spirit will guide you.

Having An Affair I Can't Stop
First, fear God more than man and get out of the relationship in order to obey your Lord and Redeemer. Then refer him for counseling; inform his relatives or anyone who can minister to him. Of course, the obvious Pray, and Trust God.

I Love My Fiance So Much
Well, be patient. Soon he will be your husband and you will spend more time with him.

Does God Really Know Our Troubles
Kiiza-I also was left with 6 children ages: 2,4,8,9,11 & 12.With child support from my ex-husband, my working when the children were all in school and the Grace of God;they are all adults and serving the Lord.My youngest son,who is 21 yrs.old now,tells me that I am more than a mom,I'm also his best friend. God is our Daddy,husband and friend; and He is more than enough! Smile for our Redeemer lives. I hope this testimony is of encouragement to you.

I Pray Everynight After My Divorce
I don't know the cause of the divorce, if spouse a believer, why you do not see the children,or if you pay child-support. As a parent you share a God-commanded responsability for the children, which are a blessing to enrich your life. Please do not abandon them even if they don't live with you; or you do not have your ex-spouse. It wasn't their fault and they still need both parents love, attention and training them up in the Lord. Meanwhile, submit yourself to God and seek Him all the more.Ask him to mold you into the image of Jesus,so that you don't repeat the same mistakes that

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