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2008 June What's Up Blog
NVB:Barbs Day---Happy Birthday on the 8thJN, May you keep looking as sweet as the picture you sent me and holding on to what He bestowed you with.Charm, grace, If I say much more then you may blush which will add to the essence of you being B Charming.X

2008 June What's Up Blog
Alan of UK:: Friend -Only you can mend the broken heart-To music it says "Look what you've done" Its an old old one NVB may have it.

No Holy Communion
Ramon::May I remind you that a BBQ is a roasting over an open fire which is the meal."Jesus looking up to Heaven gave thanks, broke bread, gave it to His Disciples saying, Take and eat, this is my Body" a far cry from your modern day BBQ but I am sure there is no irreverence meant or intended in your orthrodox church.This is Our Divine Savours Meal for the salvation of Man.

What Is A One World Government
Kathrn::A lot of water flows under that bridge of Life we are dealing with the present and trying to salvage as much as we can in the name of Our Divinne lord.The enivetability is as clear as a polished Mirror. That is Jesus word which will stand the test of time.It started in Genesis and end in Genesis 3:15 its the prophecy.Blessings Matt16:17-19 will be triumphant.

False Teachers In The Church
RebeccaD:: I cannot speak for the church to which I 'DONT' Belong,as only ordained Priests who have a calling from God are the preachers some more elequent than others. But still speak on the word of God.Most RCC who have learnt their Catechisms are aware of Truth so its hard to pull the wool over their eyes except those who come to church to warm the benches.It is those who usher themselves out to seek greener pastures but find dried grass.

Prayer In School For All
Catherine::since you advocate freedom.You will agree 1.the freedom to do RIGHT(Good) 2 The freedom to do wrong (Evil)Is this not what is happening today.which Freedom would you Choose.By your statement you lean the other way

How To Become Born Again
Alan of UK:: Do not be Puzzled any more!. Read Matt16,24-26The answer lies in self denial and representing the truth.Who is the Giver of the Harvest? Isiah says the lord. Does man live by bread alone?

Is A Sinners Prayer Sufficient
All: A prayer of sorrow while voiced from the lips is read in the eyes as also the heart and since God alone forgives sin he already Knows, before you seek His forgiveness.Only a sinner knows the words.A general act of contrition is not a acceptable if not meant.Sorrow is a feeling not a word.

Is Word Of Faith Doctrine False
S/AXE:: God does not decieve = tells lies. YOUR Interpretation is at Fault.The truth can be said in less than 85 words.A greater length is required to cover the TRUTH.You will be held accountable.

One World Church Movement
All::The word of God stands Fast,Jn.10:15-16

How To Become Born Again
Alan of UK:: Do not be Puzzled any more!. Read Matt16,24-26The answer lies in self denial and representing the truth.

No Holy Communion
Ken::Let me remind you that just as you need Food to sustain your Body, you need food for your soul. As Catholics this is available to us daily. People make their own decisions,just as you do when you post.Observing a 'type' of communion is not the same as the real conversion available in churches of Apostolic succession,and then only under conditions .Because who eats unworthily does so to His Condemnation.

Prayer In School For All
Pierr::I agree the family that prays together stays together.If you have faith and pray you can move mountains .But prayer in school is still a high Priority

What Did Eve Do Wrong
Frances008:You got that right.Satan found it easier to manipulate women so so he thought.God punished Man work and Toil till you sweat like a horse!!!Women did get the choice , but God evened the score!!!Do as he says ?Whose the Boss?!

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