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Does Spiritual Pride Exist
I was recently brought to understand that blind faith is often more poignant than a knowing faith which has seen. I sometimes forget that not all have seen the Kingdom, nor the key, for themselves. To them, a duty is owed: to serve All, as brothers and sisters in the Mystery,through a spirit of Love, and Truth, and Understanding. We each do the best we can where we each strive for the good of all. That is all I know.

Signs Of Demon Possession
Angels and fallen angels have all the same innate properties and powers, barring that the fallen cannot re-merge with the Spirit even as they have been ejected from it. Nearly all the 'gifts' they have taken as their own and can misuse. Simple as that. Be careful who you're inviting 'in' (and I'd suggest that be none, as you're already in the Spirit), and which angelic-type you take to be which (the spirit already in you from the first will know before you do which is which and guide you accordingly. Be prepared to take the armour and the sword when it's offered, and guard your 'heart').

Would God Forgive The Devil
I have met a fallen one. This is what it said and wanted me to believe: "There is no God". This is what I knew in my heart of hearts: The Spirit of Love is with me now, so I know you lie. Why did the fallen one lie? This is what I learned: because the fallen one wanted God dead in its burning desire of having Everything for itself, especially what was God's. Why was that bad? Because God's Love is in the Creation and Sustenance of Everything, and even the fallen one would cease to exist, along with Everything else, if it had its way in killing and replacing Love, not that it could, but its hatred blinded it to that fact. Effectively, a fallen one will forever deny itself Love in its refusal to submit to, and submit by, Loving.

Explain The 10 Virgins Parable
John 17 if you want to understand one key to the Mystery, specifically John 17:23. Don't lose that key, or better yet, don't lock that door, and hide that key and that door from the 'evil one' who must never obtain entry to, or through, or by you. His preparations, even in delay as you perceive them, were of you and for you and were your preparations for Him. Remember from whence you came and whence you return, Spirit knows Spirit, or does not, know who you are to Him and Him to you. That is All.

Do Demons Really Exist
I would add that demons trade on some people not knowing, for surely that is something else learned in encountering a demon: the demon expects and knows some not to know God to achieve its aims, or at least have their faith weakened in the shock of encounter. To know and trust God, however, is to be protected, and that knowledge isn't yours alone, it is yours and the Spirit's at that point of Communion, to defeat the attempts of God's enemy upon God where that enemy would use you to see a part of that which God loves and which is a part of God harmed, in lieu of what a demon really wants, which is to kill God outright. You might also learn more about the Spirit, too, depending on the nature of the Communion.

Explain The 10 Virgins Parable
A gathering of exegetics, I see. Since not a one of you seems to have communed with the Living Word, and must deduce meaning from the parsing of texts instead of direct experience of the I-am-what-I-am, know well that your preparations were always His as the source of all Light. If you find your lamp empty when He comes, do not fail to ask Him to share his Light with you, if no other will, and He will do it gladly to see you at the Feast, also. It is an instance of misdirection, and the foolish would do well to watch out for it, or they shall miss their chance of knowing Him.

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