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Who Is The Antichrist
John in his first epistle (4:3)notes that the spirit of the AntiChrist is already working from the Apostlic time.

This is the spirit which does not acknowledge Christ and rebels against the righteousness of God.

This spirit of lawlessness will take a bodily form and reveal itself after the thing which is holding him back is removed out of the way (2 Thesssalonians 2: 1-8).

Explain Matthew 10:37
Christine-Good explanations...

Family and relations are very snesitive parts of our lives and often compete with our love of God & His percepts.

What come may I will live for Him who gave His life for me.

Today - I was supposed to fill a US visa application for a sister-in-law with some misrepresentation of facts. Was so tough for me but decided and told not to be part of lie. Looks hurting relations but I had to...

First Scripture In Your Mind
I like 91:1- "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty" (NIV) as it came to me in dreams in two tough turns in my life

Is Global Warming Bad
The Bible tells that the heaven & earth we are living in now is reserved for fire, till the day of judgment for destruction of ungodly men.

That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat. (2 Peter 3:7-11)

Why should we worry about this happening gradually in God's patience to give a chance for the rebellious man...

Instead the concerns should be how to address the man made problems due to our sinful nature.

Graham Family In Prayers
What an awesome journey having served great God with great man of God.

May the Lord comfort the whole family.

Mohammed The Prophet
God spoke through prophets to our fathers and in these last days he spoke to us through His Son, the Radiant of His Glory-Jesus.

Paul & other apostles just witnessed the teachings & deeds of Jesus and His foundational truth - the Gospel- that Jesus died for our sins & He rose up on the third day.

Any messenger which does not testify this same truth but preaches something contrary is not from God even if it were an Angel.

Women Obedient To Husbands
Betty- Your response seems to me unbiblical.

With leadership comes not only authority but also accountability as God deals with the husband as head of the family. If husband is not up to this, better to check his relationship with God on case by case basis & seek godly counsel.

Otherwise, it is beautiful when we take the places God given to each of us and anything we try to shift brings chaos not only to the family but also to the society at large. See Eve...

Accommodate Islamic World
I have had a chance to evangelise on personal level to some Muslims as I live in UAE.

Some of them relate Christianity with America and the conflicts in the Middle East.

It is more effective when you make the message more personal and tell them that God loves them and you too love them and pass the good news.

In any case better not to expect the love we give to be reciprocated and even if we be tolerant they seem to be intolerant and even rude at times.

Husband Makes Ungodly Decisions
You need to address it quickly.

1- Do not aim to win arguements. You are one, hence, you either both win or loose. Instead commit things to the Lord together maintaining love and respects.

2- Do not consider him wrong and develop hate even if he makes wrong choices lest he may get stubborn and let things happen the way they like

3- Next to God trust and depend on your husband's judgments unless he is blutantly out of course. If so, even if you ask the egg of Crocodile he will get u:)

Do Christians Fear Death
Death is natural and the Bible confirms that for every man a chance is given to live once, die once and then face the righteous judgment of God.

Even so, I do not like to imagine death especially without fulfilling ones calling and in the hands of the enemy.

While fighting the good fight of faith as God's Army and fulfilling our Mission on this earth... wow... let it come now...

More Christian Unity
I believe the Church is moving to unity as human wisdom gives way to the wisdom of God, as the body of Christ gets edified and sanctified and have right relationship with God, and as the body of Christ increases with the knowledge of the word of God.

We all can contribute to that in whichever denomination we are.

Money Management And Faith
Donna- seems that the verses are taken out of context.
As Christians we should be more enlightened about how to earn a living. No sin with it rather we expand His kingodom and set a good example for others.

Whatever we have to give to God- it is God's. Does not contradict with having to invest our funds in a wise and discerning ways.

Jesus meant we should do good things whenever we have opportunity and give for His works(from what we earn)and not to leave our hearts set on wealth.

Why Different Denominations
If we back track to the early church, we do not see major doctrinal differences hence not many denominations.

If at all there are controvercies, they sort it our collectively after seeking guidance of the spirit.

The only reason for having different congregations was locational (geographic). Church of Rome, Jerusalem, etc.

Today you will find 10 in your area. Thank God that we have as many churches as possible but whether there is purity is left for close scrutiny.

Born Again Single Men
There could be many reasons single men do not take that serious step to marriage:

1) Some love the Lord and his work and do not want their hearts to be divided.

2) Some feel they are not up to taking the responsibility coming with marriage not being spritually, emotially, finanically ready

3) Some just wait for God's will and right timing during which time their hearts will be filled with the desire.

Last but not least some men are naturally shy why not women help in there...

Man Puts Work Before Family
Some pumpering and relaxing while he comes home...Some nice words of expressing love...some kind words that you care for him...that you share his concerns and responsibility as his help.

The worst thing you can do is judging and expressing anger and discomfort.

Am I Going To Die
Blessing and curse are in ones mouth. Whoever speaks blessing and victory shall eat its fruits.

I give you David's psalm of encouragement- I shall not die but live to proclaim the salvation of the Lord.

Even if the enemy seems getting the upper hand and you are desperately overwhelmed with your situation do not forget that the God you worship is above every thing...

Wait On Him For Marriage

Trust the Lord and help him out with prayers to be directed and focused to God's will.

Meanwhile, examine the fruits while not commiting yourself and maintaining the right level of intimacy which may allow you to depart if his focus changes not.

Can I Clone Myself

Good comments have been made and I also tried to explain to him the natural way- birth.

The clon would not have the breath of God in which He shared us His characters that defined our being created in his image and likeness.

It may not have the moral values, kindness, sympathy, affection, etc that we orignally shared from God.

If science practices clon on human beings, it may lead to chaos to world order.

Prosperity Gospel Is False
I am prosperous if I have enough to fulfill the purpose God has destined for me while living in this world.

Jesus became poor in order for me to be rich in him.

If you obey you will eat the riches of the Earth...

Seek first righteousness & the knigdom and all the rest shall be added to you...

I think it is when we are not making wise choices or when not being diligent enough that we get into poverty. God's plan for us is Abundant Life...

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