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144,000 Jews Or Jehovah Witnesses
When Christ returns all the saved, BOTH 144,000" and the great multitude/crowd are going to be taken to heaven.


Great Multitude/crowd: Rev.7:9-5 are "BEFORE THE THRONE" and "SERVING GOD IN HIS TEMPLE".

Rev.19:1 This great crowd are "IN HEAVEN" singing a song of "SALVATION".

Finally both groups, God and the Lamb(Christ) will all return to this renewed earth in the Holy City, Rev.21:1-3. "The tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them... and God HIMSELF shall be with them."

Let us all plan to be with them!

Jesus At The Right Hand Of God

I know that you are loyal to the Watchtower Society, - such loyalty it does not receive from sincere guys like yourself because of its dishonesty and bias against truth!

However, concerning "ego eimi" - check in the Kingdom Interlinear Translation and the New World translation and tell me if you can find any other place where it is not translated, "I am"?

Just on one page 474 of the KIT(1969 edition) you have "ego eimi" translated FOUR TIMES (John 10:7,9,11,14) in both the KIT and New World (in the margin of the KIT) as I am.

Old Men Shall Dream Dreams

It is those who believe in the Secret Rapture that believe that Jesus is returning invisibly. Seventh-day Adventists on the other hand emphasise a literal, visible appearing and they included it in their denominational name accordingly.

Jesus At The Right Hand Of God
I have checked up on the references Warwick gave and he is correct:

Exodus 3:14 footnotes in the 1984 NWT does state Gr. "ego eimi ho on".

John 8:58 in the 1969 and 1985 KIT ed. translates the Gr "ego eimi" as "I am".

One needs to use the Kingdom Interlinear Translation repeatedly to check on the NWT because it is a biased translation which adds, subtracts and distorts the scriptures.

Old Men Shall Dream Dreams
1st Cliff,

I am so glad that you have not lost your faith in God. Most Witnesses are wonderful, sincere people but very programmed by a cruel Watchtower Society that has broken up countless homes and families.

No organization has made more false prophecies than the WTS.

In Matthew 24:23,24 Jesus warned us in the last days of those who would say "Here is Christ" (since 1914) and be false prophets.

Who else fits this description but the Watchtower Society?

Blood Transfusions Biblical

There are many things I would like Scott and David to be obedient to also:

BE BORN AGAIN: John 3:3 Unless they are born again they can not see the Kingdom of God. Jehovah God's kingdom includes both the heaven and the earth - but they can NOT enter either!

LORD'S SUPPER: John 6:53,54 If they do not eat and drink the emblems there is NO everlasting life or resurrection for them!

However, if the WTS tells them not to do these things - then they obey it and not the clear commands of Jesus! Will Jesus say to them, "I never knew you?" Matthew 7:23

I would dearly like to see them in God's Kingdom.

Blood Transfusions Biblical

Ignorance in this situation could be fatal for either Scott or David on following the advice of the Watchtower Society concerning BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS.

If they feel the Holy Spirit is guiding the WTS, then if they or their loved ones meet with an accident that requires a transfusion, they will have to choose to die rather than have it!

My heart goes out to them and all Witnesses, who have to be prepared to die unnecessarily. I am sure the Lord is saying to them, "Why will ye die?" The WTS is a cruel and most unreliable guide!

Who Is The Holy Spirit
HOLY SPIRIT: A fully Divine Person in the Godhead?

We all need to reread prayerfully and humbly what Jesus had to say in Matthew 12:31-32:

"All blasphemy" - against God the Father or Son will be forgiven, - but not that against the Holy Spirit!

There is only one conclusion: The Holy Spirit first has to be God to be blasphemed like Father or Son, but a separate different Person in the Godhead from either Father or Son and certainly NOT inferior!

We can't afford to be mistaken on this serious subject.

Was The Flood Regional
Could the pyramids survive a global flood?

Immanuel Velikovsky in his best seller, "Ages in Chaos" page 152 says Egyptian chronology in that period was six hundred years in error. So the pyramids were built 300 years AFTER the flood and not 300 years BEFORE!

In the last century Egyptian chronology was contracted for the building of the Great Pyramids from 4700 to 2600 BC (2,100 years!).

Velikovsky says it needs to be contracted just another 600 years (ie. 2000 BC) and then there is no problem of the Pyramids surviving the Biblical Global Flood.

Blood Transfusions Biblical
I shall never forget the sincere JW lady whose only child had died of diphtheria because she did not have him vaccinated and then her husband died needlessly when a blood transfusion could have saved him.

The irony is that after the boy died Jehovah told the WTS it was OK to have vaccinations - there was nothing scriptural to prevent having them. (The real reason was that without them their leaders after WW2 were not permitted to travel to foreign countries for their big assemblies!)

Some of our sincere JW bloggers still believe the WTS is lead by Jehovah's Holy Spirit with a history like this!

Blood Transfusions Biblical
This blog is very pertinent to stop the needless deaths of sincere Christians.

The Watchtower Society denounced all three. Eventually permitted two, but many are still dying over the third.

VACCINATIONS: "a direct violation of the law of Jehovah God." Golden Age, April 24, 1935. After many needless deaths, Watchtower, 1952, p.764 "...all objection to vaccination on Scriptural ground seems to be lacking."

ORGAN TRANSPLANTS: Denounced as "cannibalism," Awake, June 8, 1968, p.21. Permitted after many deaths, Watchtower, March 15, 1980.

BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS: Many will still die until the WTS stops confusing blood eaten and that transfused. It could happen, it did twice above!

How To Calculate 666

I have a photocopy of "The Sunday Visitor" November 15, 1914 page Three. It reads:

"Is it true that the words of the Apocalypse in the 13th chapter, 18th verse refer to the Pope?

"The words referred to are these: "Here is wisdom. He that hath understanding, let him count the number of the beast. For it is the number of a man, and the number of him is six hundred sixty-six"

"The title of the Pope of Rome is Vicarius Filii Dei. This is inscribed on his mitre, and if you take the letter of his title which represent Latin numerals (printed large) and add them together they come to 666:..."

That paper DID say this! I can prove it!

Pray To Jesus Or To God
David, Have Jehovah's Witnesses been guided by Jehovah's Holy Spirit?

Then why has the Watchtower Society made so many false prophecies: 1878, 1915, 1918, 1920, 1925, 1975? To this must now be added 1914 because it taught the End would come within a generation of that date and in 1994 - 80 years later it proved wrong and had to be abandoned!

Also the flip-flop of doctrines: Eight times the Society changed its mind as to whether the Men of Sodom would be resurrected. Twice even in the same Paradise(YCLFPE) book,on p.179, editions 1982(YES) and 1989(NO)!

How can such confusion bring unity and how could it be the work of the Holy Spirit?

Pray To Jesus Or To God

Tragically you can never know the truth about the Creatorship of Jesus while you believe the New World translation which adds, alters and subtracts from the Word of God.

Check with your Kingdom Interlinear Translation and you will find in Colossians 1:16-18 that the word "other" has been ADDED four times to destroy this truth. It does not appear in the original Greek, the Bible teaches that by Jesus " were all things created". "He is before all things, and by him all things consist."

How can you wonderful, sincere Jehovah's Witnesses ever learn truth while you trust the Watchtower Society and the New World Bible?

Do Biblical Churches Exist

The Biblical emblems used at the Lord's Supper by Jesus were the bread, cup and towel. (Word "wine" is never used)

An Episcopalian/Anglican bishop told me he wished using the emblem of the towel had never died out of his church, and that Queen Victoria as head of that church was the last to do it.

There are Christians who believe Jesus made this a command, "If I then, your Lord and Master, have washed your feet, ye also ought to wash one another's feet. For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you." John 13:14,15

Pray To Jesus Or To God
David, Concerning the analogy of the two kings portrayed by Warwick:

These kings were both of the same essence - human. They were equally human. One was not any less human than the other irrespective of where they stood in importance or rank.

So it is with the Godhead. Both Father and the Son are equally God. These two Persons along with the Person of the Holy Spirit make up the unity of the triune-Godhead or the One Heavenly Government = the One true "elohim".

I hope this may make it a little clearer.

Was Creation Instantaneous
Cliff, if you are prepared to believe what the Bible says, then Warwick is right in what he is saying.

Concerning the food chain of God's creatures, there was no blood shed before sin. The original diet for them like man was a bloodless one:

Genesis 1:30, "And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so."

Was Creation Instantaneous
Matthew 18:11 says "For the Son of man is come to save THAT which was lost."

It was not merely man that was lost, but the whole creation now under the control of the Creator's enemy, that was defaced, altered and cursed. But that power was broken by the Cross of Christ.

Praise God, He is now going to restore it all, in a new heavens and a new earth. Paradise lost is going to be paradise restored, and God is going to do it (Revelation 21:5) in possibly the same short time or less than he originally created it!

Do Biblical Churches Exist
Amen Bruce, - you have certainly summarized it very accurately!

Perhaps we should also add that this church should use in the Lord's Supper the THREE emblems including the one Jesus gave very definite instruction about but is often overlooked by many Christian churches today.(John 13:14,15).

Jesus stated in Verse 17 that it would prove a blessing if it was carried out!

Old Queen Victoria did this each year to her servants and also the previous Pope.

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