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New Cursor On ChristiaNet
Because I live in the Netherlands I cannot reply to any social problems in US. I always am happy with Christian blogs, because spiritual or Biblical questions in US or in any part of the world are similar! I experience great lack of knowledge about God's word and understanding his will in our life! Until now it always is a great pleasure and honor for me, to reply to any spiritual questions. In that way I always hope to be a help, a light and an encouragement for other Christians in a dark world!

Must Believe In The Trinity
The preacher was right! What said Thomas after Jesus invited him to touch Him? He said: "MY Lord". After Jesus return, all will cry: "Jesus is Lord". Only a minority will say (like Thomas): "MY Lord". That's the difference.

Plan Of Salvation
What did Adam and Eve, after their fall? They hided themselves for God. They separated themselves from God. They wanted to be like God and fell!! Sin = separation. We delivered ourselves and the whole world in Satans might, the might of darkness! Since the first sin, the Lord wants to save us out of the might of darkness. At least he sent His own Son, the only man who didn't allow to be tempted! Only in Jesus we are heir of the work Jesus did for us. We have a "LIVING MAN" now on God's throne!!

What Is Hell
Dear "I am I",
Who says that God created "evil"? God created angels. Lucifer made himself to Satan! He and many angels have been thrown out from heaven, they would be like God! Adam also would be like God, which caused the fall of man.
The Lord didn't create programmed computers, and we may be happy, that our computers haven't "a free will"!! When our computers don't obey we throw them away!! How wonderful is the Lord, that HE saves us!

Witnesses Don't Believe Trinity
Don't discuss! Acts 1: 8 "Witness what YOU have seen!" Who doesn't believe, that Jesus is God's Son, is throwing away the Gospel, God's loving extended hand and in fact it is throwing away God's word, God's love for us.... Who throws away Jesus, is on the same level as Muslims! Christianity is NOT a religion! Christianity is a PERSON! The name of that person is Jesus. ONLY ONE NAME is given to us!! When you have a relationship with Jesus, you will discover, that discussions lead to nothing.

Why Did God Give Us Laws
Sorry, but I don't understand 2(??) types. Anyway, the law was necessary to make human life and living together possible!! Never the law was the way to salvation! Remember that the Lord gave his law (Sinai) to saved people!! Many are saying the opposite way. First salvation then the law. Everyone who loves Jesus, has not the law of stone, but he became the law in his heart!

What Is Hell
Concentrate your mind on God's Kingdom. Hell = ABSENSE of God. Sins = SEPARATION from God. In Jesus the separation disappeared. Deut.30 speaks about FREE choice. We aren't programmed computers. Man's creations aren't able to choose! Machines or robots does what we want. Satan would be like God and Adam would be like God. This brought death. Jesus was God and humbled himself became man. Only in him we become (eternal) life, according the situation as it was before Adam fell for the temptation.

What Happens At Death
It is misunderstanding "going to heaven" as purpose!! Nowhere, reading the epistles or Acts, about "going to heaven" as "purpose". God is in heaven, but Revelation tells, heaven comes down to the earth. All apostles wrote of resurrection!! After resurrection we get a task!! (not "rest in peace"!). Read last chapters of Revelation. We are predestined to be "Kings and priests after our resurection". Heaven isn't our purpose, perhaps an intermediate stage.

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