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Can The Devil Read Our Minds
The only way the devil can read your mind is if you speak it. In which case can become a reality ie.."Im catching a cold"
Say it and you just might get it.

Is It Possible To Not Sin
If do something and you don't feel that Jesus would be sitting there there with you doing it also. It's a Sin.

Are Mormons Going To Heaven
Yes Robert you are right the bible does mean books 66 of them to be exact. The OT foretells the NT, but where in the NT does it foretell specifically the events of the Book of Mormom. I am so sorry Robert, but the books in the bible is all there is and all there ever will be.
Every Word of God is a Flawless..Do not add to his words or he will rebuke you and prove you a liar Prov 30:5-6

Are Mormons Going To Heaven
The Bible contains two scriptures one in the OT concerning the Law and one in NT concerning the whole cannon of scripture. In both of these scriptures there is a stern command not to add any other words to the whole counsel of God. So that being said how does the Book of Mormon stand up as another Testament of Jesus Christ when the Bible so clearly warns that nothing is to be added to it. (see Duet 4.2 and Rev 22:18)

Mormons And Joseph Smith
There are several key biblical doctrines that make up that make up the core of what millions of Christian Believe, yet the LDS deny all of these truth and they call themselves the only Christian Church.
If I deny all of the Mormon doctrine can I still call myself a Mormon?

Katrina Victims Getting Big Money
I am a Katrina evacuee. I was a freshman at the University of New Orleans. I have since relocated to Az and am attending ASU West. I have lost all of my belongings, and have not seen a dime from FEMA. No one is getting $250,000.00 from this, I didn't even receive $500.00 from this. No car, no pc, and $188.00 total to my name. At least I still have my life to be thankful for.

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