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Husband Comes Before The Kids
This is my second marriage I have 3 kids from my 1st marriage. Having a hard time with this put the husband first because my husband has said some very hurtful things to my children and myself since we've been married and has no relationship with my children. Since he does not speak to them they have no repsect for him. I am trying desperately to follow the Word, be obedient and submissive. He tells me that when he says something he should not say such as you and your d.... kids get out my house, that I should forgive him and pray for him, because he lost his job about a year ago so I should be more understanding. Please help, I am ready to do to walk out the door.

He Is A Perfect Non-Christian
hi, read your blog and the dilemma that you are in. i think we Christians have this perception that we know whom God has planned for us and for some reason when we meet someone whom we think God HAS send to us we jump to that opportunity because when we are praying we already have the answers to what we want. my dear hope you prayed and if he loves you pray that he will change because i think we all came from sin and it took someone else effort and prayer to bring us to Christ.
Love u and God does more

How To Celebrate Holidays
We are told in Jeremiah chapter 10 not to celebrate these holidays, they have nothing to do with Jesus, the church just gave them a "christain" twist. We should celebrate the feast days in the bible.

Men Wear Hats In Church
Just doing some research on the hat issue. Myself I find it irritating and disrespectful when a man chooses to wear his hat - ball cap - in church. Trying not to take offence, but I just find it shows a huge lack of respect for being in God's house.

Do You Hate Liars
What about lying to your kids about easter bunny satan claus, tooth fairy?

Is ADHD Demonic Posession
Of all the folks I know that have kids on ADD or ADHD meds, most are in public school with just a few in christian schools (one lady had 3 kids on meds). I wonder if it really is a problem with the kids or the teachers or daycare teachers. I know of no homeschoolers with kids on these meds. Is there any out there? I'm just curious.

Why The Sabbath Is A Big Deal
Just because your with the majority doesn't mean you're right. Just look at the bible for proof of that.

Is ADHD Demonic Posession
2. What happened to the good ole days when people dealt with their problems instead of making them "magically" disappear? What happened to the days when people were people and not a medical condition?

Is ADHD Demonic Posession
All medications have some side effects. Some worse than the problem they are supposed to treat. A lot of people who have so called mental illnesses are looking for a magic pill to cure rowdy kids or to make everyday the same with no ups or downs, some are even looking for a free ride (most diagnosed with bipolar get a hefty disability check.

Is ADHD Demonic Posession
3. None of them were this bad before the meds!!!
Be careful of putting younger children on these meds. Kids are kids, but in order to control them easier at school and daycares, they are put on these meds to calm/dumb them down.

Is ADHD Demonic Posession
2. supposed to control depression, halucinations etc... and just look at what good they do. I have 4 close friends/family members who went to doctors (in different states) for mild cases of depression-they were all diagnosed bipolar and are all freaking nuts now. One is in a mental hospital and is now a schizo, 2 are zombies and don't care a thing about anything, and 1 is in prison for 20 years for going on a shooting spree(heard voices that told him to).

Is ADHD Demonic Posession
I believe the meds for adhd lead to demonic posession. It opens the gateway for people already being attacked. When you look at mass murders and school shootings etc... lately, over 90% of the people doing these horrible things are on meds that are

Are Parts Of The Bible Missing
Yes, there are books missing. The Vatican has much that they have hidden (and destroyed). And there were many books, biblical and non that were destroyed in the Alexandrian libraries.

How To Celebrate Holidays
We are told in Jeremiah chapter 10 not to celebrate these holidays, they have nothing to do with Jesus, the church just gave them a "christain" twist. We should celebrate the feast days in the bible.

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