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Worldwide Christian Persecutions
Monk: Please give an example of where Sharia Law is the law here in Michigan, where I live.

Is Pope Francis Popular
Cluny: My mistake. I was referring to the residence he used while serving his duties. I shouldn't have used the word "personal." But, having grown up in the Roman Catholic Church, all of the priests, bishops, and cardinals I knew of lived in homes provided by the diocese. None lived in their own residence.

Is Pope Francis Popular
Jed: I watch all types of media. Why do you keep jumping to conclusions?

Cluny: I never said it was his personal residence. I'm certain the article said it happened in Italy.

Is Pope Francis Popular
Willie: From what I've seen, the Liberal media likes Pope Francis. It seems he removed an Italian cardinal who spent lavish amounts of church money on his personal residence, when he was supposed to be leading what we call here, a diocese. Most recently, the Pope has been sneaking out of the Vatican, at night, to minister to the homeless, alongside another priest.

Is Pope Francis Popular
Jed: Wow! You are so good at twisting people's words. I've only started watching CNBC recently. I did not know that Larry Kudlow was liberal. Thanks for informing me.

Now, about twisting my word. How does my question: "Why is he unpopular with Conservative in the U.S.?" become me saying Conservatives hate Pope Francis?

Finally, how does watching a show I don't know is by a Liberal make me a Liberal?

You're still making assumptions about me.

Finally, why are you so hostile to me? I've never said a thing that deserves any hostility. I asked an honest question.

Is Pope Francis Popular
Peter: The Baptist churches I have attended have encouraged accountability relationships, where confession is always encouraged. I've had an accountability relationship with a more mature, Godly woman for most of my Christian life. She knows everything about me. Throughout our relationship, she's taught and guided me.

Is Pope Francis Popular
Michael e: I don't think you are totally correct in what you say. I've never heard any mention of any of the Baptist churches I've been a member of, following "Peter's Priesthood." I've carefully read every church's constitution, never heard mention of Peter that way.

1 John was written to believers. 1 John 1:9 tells us to confess our sins. Being human, we still commit them. It's necessary to confess.

Other epistles teach us how to prepare for Communion, by righting wrongs.

Is Pope Francis Popular
Jed: You make an awful lot of wrong assumptions about me. You assume I'm a liberal, and that I watch liberal TV. It's a shame, because it gives me a negative impression of you. I've been attending fundamental churches for 33 years, and have never met a man like you. Wow.

Is Pope Francis Popular
Shira: I know all that. I am a saved believer, and have been away from Catholicism for decades.

I'd like to know why the current pope is unpopular with the political Conservatives.

Is Pope Francis Popular
I saw a clip from Varney's show, where I heard him talking. Plus, Rush has been speaking out against the pope.

StevenG: What has the Pope taught that goes against what Jesus taught? I might have missed what you claim he said.

Is Pope Francis Popular
I heard this on Stuart Varney's show, on Fox, and Larry Kudlow, on CNBC.

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