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Can Lay People Baptize
Anyone who is genuinely filled with the Holy Ghost as is found in the book of Acts the 2nd. chapter and verses 1-4 has the authority to baptize in the name of Jesus ( not in the titles Father, Son and Holy Ghost), but in the name of Jesus, For there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.Acts 4:12.

Can Demons Process People
Not everyone can be demon possessed. A Holy Ghost filled child of God is protected by a legion of angels and God's spirit. A person of the world however is open game. Remember that the devil himself has to ask God's permission to do anything to one of God's people...remember Job?

What Did Jesus Look Like
Jesus was from the middle east so he was between olive and brown skin, short cropped hair, dark eyed, stocky (He was a carpenter),He wasn't fair faced, he was ruff your Bible. The only real desciption is given in the book of Revelation 1:12-18.

Largest Religion In The World
Does it matter? Many are called...Few are chosen. If you are not a Holy Ghost filled child of God you won't be walking through the pearly gates anyways!

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