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Alcohol Rehab Treatments
I would advice him or her to join a support group of people who have or have had similar problems.
Also pray by friends as well as a concerned pastor and himself or herself would help.

Credit Counseling Unbiblical
The Bible says 'Where no counsel is, people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety' (Proverbs 11,14). It further says, 'Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in a multitude of counsellors they are established' (Proverbs 15,22). As such no counselling on any issue is prohibited in the Bible, in fact it is highly recommended because without it failure is sure to happen.

Can Christians Drink Alcohol
Nice question, i also struggle with that but personnaly i dnt drink, ithink that its all about the consumption of the and we all know that drunkness equals foolishness. So really rather stay away for we know that the fleash is weak!! so in a nutshell dnt

God Called Me To Sing
If the other ladies have been there longer than you have, they might feel the majority rules. Being touchy about which song to sing, and every thing that does not go your way will hold you back. Why not jump in the River and flow in the Holy Spirit. There's an opportunity here to quit taking offense with everything that does not go your way. When the enemy sees he can no longer give you a black eye at every turn, he'll move on to someone else.

Divorce For Emotional Adultry
Hi Renee
Greetings from me, a Christian from Malaysia. I have been in your shoes.. was abused emotionally and physically - stopped now.. the other side had major heart surgery .. retired teacher .. am still working as a lecturer, about to embark on a Phd programme..
its been so bad .. but I am glad I hung on..I am so glad I trusted Jesus and continue trust Him
Yes hubby is Christian..
Sometimes I do have to get away .. work helps me.. been married 21 years.
regards Flore9447

Son Playing With Ouija Board
He praying for him,tebuke,and bind the enemy
from your son,your home,and his friends.

Why Aren't Christians More Mature
There are babies(new Christians.)There are seasoned saints(old Christians.)A beliver in Christ are to live on earth as Jesus is here.Because He is here.He is always with a believer in Christ.
God Bless--Florence

My Wife Is Having Affairs
God says no matter what someone do to you.
You must forgive them.You have done things
and ask God,to forgive you.I know forgiving
is hard.That is a commandment from God.But
you don't have to put up with her cheating.
God Bless

Can A Cheater Change
God,can change anyone and every situtions.But
you have to belive in Jesus.Do you know that
the Church is made up on? Mainly X'S.X-drug
addit,Alcholics,lier's,and the list goes on.
The were transformed,by God.

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