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What Is Life
"Life is just a bowl of chocolate."

Bi-Polar Disorders On The Rise
That's why I've asked this question, John.
It's everywhere you turn, the school systems, NASA, workplaces(not only the post office), mothers, fathers, it touches all walks of life.

When Was Jesus Born
The first thing that comes to my mind is when John Lennon said the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. March 4, 1966.

Am I A Prophet Of God
catherine, no doubt about it, you give us absolutes. No grey areas whatsoever.

Information On Depression
One of the students that's lying in the hospital, recovering, said that an evil spirit had entered that shooter. He saw and felt it's presence. I don't doubt him for a minute. There are many who will not acknowledge Jesus, catherine. The stigma for mental illness is so great, they refuse treatment. Discussions about mental illness are a stigma for many. If we refuse to look at mental illness, insanity, and learn, we will see more evil deeds.

Information On Depression
VA Tech is forcing the U.S., us, to take a serious look at mental illness in the school systems, prisons, and society. Mental illness, severe depression has such a stigma attached to it that few want to deal with it. Jesus is the answer, catherine. But for those who reject Him, we have to be willing to look at mental illness with solutions/actions so that others will not die. Columbine did not change the systems in place.

Treatments For Depression
I didn't misunderstand you, Dory.
I said, I did not know if it took 16 years for the depression to leave. Some people have an episode of depression that only lasts for a few weeks and some are plagued with it for years.

You cannot make that determination for Mary.
Mary needs help, now. She's at a point where diet, speaking 100's of scriptures may not be best for Mary's healing to spring forth speedily.

Treatments For Depression
The depressed sometimes use religion to hide behind and avoid facing problems.
I'm not talking about Jesus Christ.
I'm talking about religious fanaticism. Grandiose thoughts, narcissism and fanaticism. It's a mechanism to avoid hurts, abuse, reality, etc. Religious fanaticism can be addictive behavior. We see it here. Writing reveals behaviors. I don't know how you help those who refuse help.

Treatments For Depression
Dory, I don't know if it took 16 years for the depression to go away, after reading 100's of scriptures aday.
It may have been that after 'the change', your hormones/chemistry changed and it went away. Your solution may not be what Mary needs. Go to your doctor, Mary.

Treatments For Depression
Maybe she should do both and not wait.
The young man who brought violence to VA tech needed immediate medical attention. If he was taking an anti-depress. as they said, it was not working.

Prayer Room Blog
Oh brother, forget the name Alexander.
There's already an Alexander and he's a scientologist
I'll be Forrest.

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