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Is The Love Of Fairies Biblical
No, the love of fairies isn't Biblical.

Wifes Personal Attacks
Is she a insecure person? Does she get mad at other people also or just you?

Must Women Cover Themselves
Of course women don't need to cover themselves anymore than an man does.

Marrying A Younger Man
I am amazed at the responses from fellow Brethern. Bottom line there is NOTHING wrong with your marrying a younger man and NOTHING in scripture against it. BE BLESSED YOU, YOUR NEW HUSBAND AND YOUR WOMB.. My Lord!!!
Why is this even an issue. Mary was pregnant for Jesus when she was 15.. wow.. I mean that should not and would not go over big today. I can relate to that... but a woman marrying a younger man is no different than a man marrying a younger woman. It is such a shame even the body of Christ makes an issue out of it.. there is no age in the Spirit of God its about relationship and maturity

I Am A New Christian
Do what Jesus did when he needed help in doing things, firstly pray (most important) and secondly look to scripture, your Bible should be one of the most important things in your life as it is your connection to God.

Just remember Christianity is not a sitting around and talking about it kind of faith it is a get up and go faith, just live your faith and do the best you can, God doesn't ask us to be perfect, He just asks that we try our best and ask for forgivness when we muck up.

Can Christians Drink One Beer
Did Jesus not turn water into wine? Drinking is not a sin, the over indulgence in drink is. Just drink in moderation.
Pray and listen to what God has to say, if you think that you are drinking to much then stop. Just have self-control.

Everything on earth is a gift from god (including beer) we should use it, just don't drink in excess, that is wrong.

Christianity isn't a punishment, Christians are allowed to treat themselves and if beer is your treat then drink it :)

Miracles Don't Happen To Me
Just wait God will have a plan, you just need to have trust in Him and show Him that you have faith in Him and He will answer your prayers

Miracles Don't Happen To Me
Wait God will have a plan, you just need to have trust in Him and show Him that you have faith in Him and He will answer your prayers.

Miracles do happen to ordianry people like me and u,
I started to pray to God recently for help and guidance in finding my faith. Then something happened to me, I began to see things differently, I began to find comfort in my Bible and faith was no longer something that I sneered at but something that I lived, something that mattered to me.

God works wonders everyday of your life, i know right now you may not see the good in people and things because of your problem (whatever it is) but in time you will see the miracles that God performs everyday.

Just have patience and keep smiling :)

Husband Likes A Boring Church
No, I would stay there, but ask God to change your husband so that you can go to a more spirit filled church and maybe God could make him not like it there as much, and ask God to move him. In Jesus' name. It's worth a try.

I Want My Date To Give Me Money
DROP HIM a lady who has been there in your shoes if he is doing this to you now then you know in your heart what it will be like after marriage...ask God to put something in the way of allowing the marriage to take a survivor of abuse I can honestly tell you that it will get worse for you and you deserve far better than this man.....God has someone special for you...

Joel Osteen On 60 Minutes
Joel is definitely a cutie... but as a point of reference, not so much. He is very sweet, and I would be with him in a second if he weren't married, but, I choose to be guided by Catholic doctrine, not some jibber jabber prefaced by a cult-like chant "this is my bible... blah blah blah" I am sure he is a good guy, but don't get caught in his spell!

Evolution versus Creationism
Evolution. Life is too complex to have been created by an omnipotent being. He/she would made things simpler. Also, being are imperfect. If God make things, they shpuld be perfect because He is. Therefore, it must be that life evolved.

Do I Need A Bible
Brian, I think the same thing. duane is of another persuasion, Persia. I believe he has copied our dialogues to appear Christian. Every now and again, he lets one slip. Like, "confusion is not sin". Completely contrary to the Word of God. God is not the Author of confusion.

Is Purgatory Paradise
As I look back on my many years as a Catholic, I have to tell the truth and say that I was responding with the Catholic Church in stupid ignorance. I believed everything they told me about God and His ways, instead of researceing the Catholic Bible even, with it's many contradictions.
Many Catholics are misled down the wrong road. Jesus is the only "Door", and He never spoke of purgatory, because it does not exist.

Do I Need A Bible
duane says,
"Why dont some christians understand, we are born again of the spirit, Christ is in us, we need NOTHING but Him....believe it."

---Duane on 2/21/07

Do I Need A Bible
duane says, "I say yes the church would be fine without the bible. The lord will overcome."
---Duane on 2/20/07

Do I Need A Bible
"Dont let the bible be your god, its one way to know more about your God."

---Duane on 2/20/07

Do I Need A Bible
"We would do fine without the bible, the spirit will lead us in his word."

---Duane on 2/17/07

Do I Need A Bible
duane says, "We dont need the bible...We are to be led of the spirit."

---Duane on 2/16/07
WHAT spirit do you follow, duane?

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