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Is Evolution A Valid Theory
Strongaxe, you do not need a big ark. Species can come into existance at any time. God just has to say the word.

Should The USA Forgive Cuba
JohnnyB, the oldest idea in the world is that the sun is to be worshipped as the centre of the universe. Later (with Christianity) came the idea that God established the earth, unmoving, as the centre. At the time of the Rennaissance there was a come back of the old Egyptian and Greek philosophies. They had to make a decision as to whether to declare the world heliocentric or geocentric. Elizabeth 1 was tutored by a Jesuit and had a black magic mentor called John Dee. They put their heads together and came up with the sun is the centre. Scientists to this day are amazed how easily the idea took root, without any proof. God bless you too.

Bible The Only Authority
Nicole, you see! Evil priests entered the flock and acting like sheep they were wolves. We should not put people into such places of power. Especially not in positions to obtain personal information through the confessional, about everyone in the world, Catholic and Protestant and Muslim (etc). We never know who they are actually working for.

Is Killing In A War Wrong
Is it better to be conceived and die, or to be conceived, destroyed and go on living? Is it better to jump off a tower and die or walk through a fire deliberately and come out unrecognizable and live? Sometimes death is better for the victims. Is it better for a child to be born into a family that hates it, or to not be born. I am anti-abortion, but did Bush stop abortion. That is why the RCC said everyone HAD TO vote for him, and what happpened. We still have abortion, and on top of it murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and Americans. The Pope used abortion to get his way with the Muslims because he wants to get his hands on Jerusalem.

What Is A One World Government
AlanofUk, you remind me of the fellow who does not believe in God but says that life originated from an alien race. You have to think about whose story is really the most incredible. Is it the one I propose of a conspiracy, or is it that nothing went right on 911 and on the day the 'Titanic?' sank. Can EVERYTHING go wrong on the same day by sheer fluke? Whose ideas are more wacky? I believe that yours are.

What Is Oneness Doctrine
Eloy, I think it is a waste of time evangelizing to people who even think that Satanism is okay. AlanofUK and Chip defend freemasonry. That should tell you something. So does DDM. In fact this forum is being attacked by a spirit of Antichrist, which is why there are so many arguments on it.

Christians Have Demons In Them
MMR, I think your name is Michelle (?) whatever, I wish to say that I agree with a lot of what you write. However it is well known that towards the end of this era, before the tribulation, many many demons are due, and have already, been released into the world. Millions who call themselves Christians are demon infested right this minute.

Political Party Of Jesus
Jack, slanderers and liars, and those who support them, have no claim to be Christians as they are not obeying the Command to love your neighbour. So demons won't obey you, and since I do not have a demon, it won't make any difference. You might think about trying to be original instead of parrotting me.

Is The AntiChrist A Man
The whole world has a lot to fear from the Rockefellers and their spreading of evil technology which will take over nature - 'Suicide crops' which are solely for taking away the sustainability of farmers who rely on crops. This is to wipe out the poor from the face of the earth.

Why Were There Dinosaurs
Alan, we already had that argument on another thread, so why hijack this one?

If you are not in the truth, of course everything sounds bizarre. That happened to me when I first found some things out. The more I discovered, the less bizarre it was, the more sense it made.

The people behind all the hoaxes are socially joined at the hip, and joined to the occult, and joined to the illuminati. These are easily verifiable facts.

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