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Democrats For Abortion
Democrats are for Aboration,yet,many Democrats claim to be Christians, not all Republicans are anit-aboration.The Point is, Politics is not black and white, there are many shades in between.So, people vote for the candidates that speak for the general public. That is why there are constant polls, what does the public wants? that is what the candidates address. Right now it the Economy,the collapse in the housing market, gas prices, war, health care, no one is talking about morals, aboration,religions.

Hillary Clinton For President
Steveng, Was't Adam the head of the household, he joined Eve in eating at the tree of Life.(forbidden fruit) both parties are guilty.(laugh)

Want My Husband To Leave
Bryan, Renee said that "Everywhere he goes people hate to see him coming even my childrens school" So, it could not be Renee causing his Rages(violent anger, wrath, fury).He can not control his behavior. Are't we all responsible for our own behavior or as adults be able to control our emotions, or get help?.

Believe The Bible Or The Pope
To Emcee: tou-che' I know it says in the Bible the only way to the Father is through Jesus Christ, not the Pope. No need to do the math.

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