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Explain Purgatory Doctrine
Holly God bless you for writting the truth. I am a former Catholic and now I know that there are a lot of lies and evil coming out of that church. Some Catholics mean well but are lied to about what it really means to be born again. When you are, God opens the eyes of your heart to the truth. Jesus is the way.

When Did God Create The Earth
Scriptures talk only about one single creation. Not two or three. and it happenede in six litteral days.

Are Women Preachers Scriptural
oh boy!!! Women and every christian can be a witness for Christ. Women can even teach young kid and other women. But, at some age, when a kid becomes a man, this is the opposite. Women can do everything in the church except being the leaders, pastors, preachers of the church. Why? because God says so. Why do men don't carry babies? because God says no.

Quoran Agree With The Bible
the Quoran teaches that Jesus did not really die on the cross. Where's the agreement?

What Is Eternal Security
John 10 clearly teaches that God is greater than everyone, so no one can snatch the believers away out of his hands. No death, no angels, the present or the future. Romains 8 and 9 talk about that and first Peter say that "he keeps them by faith." Anyway, what can separate the redeemers from God? Nothing. Death is a gain.

Once Saved Always Saved
I would like to comment on that question by asking a question: When does a christian lose his salvation? Oops!!! If the answer is when he sins, then I guess Christian lose their salvation almost 365 days a year because believers always sin. Salvation is not something that a man receives today and loses it tomorrow because he drinks a beer or tells a lie; and regain it next week and lose it again. Salvation is permanent, not temporary because God is the provider.

Must Believe In The Trinity
The only thing a person must do to enter into heaven is to believe in Jesus and the one who sent him. But, what does it mean to believe in Jesus? It means you must believe what the Bible and Jesus say about himself. If the Bible and Jesus teach the doctrine of Trinity, then you suppose to believe it. Also, What are the requirements and qualities a being must have to become the savior of the world. Tell me.

Does God Want Me Married
The new testament clearly teaches also that some people have the gift of celibacy. it's worth noting.

Authority Of Satan
Martin Luther called satan "God's devil." Satan is, in some way, God's servant. God uses him to his own ends according to the counsel of his will. Satan can do only what God allows him to do. Listen to this: When Jesus gave satan the command to "go away" after tempting him, could he have disobeyed Jesus? No!! That was a sovereign command.

Plan Of Salvation
Nothing catches God by surprise. Nothing really happens by so-called blind chance. There are the invisible hands of God managing the affairs of men.

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