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What If I Don't Agree With Pastor
If you have genuine concerns then you MUST confront the pastor to try to reach some sort of accord. But, be sure that you do so in agreement with what the Scriptures teach.

Bring the matter to him one-on-one and if it is not resolved see if you can find some other witnesses to go with you. If that does not work then you'll need to go to the board with it and then finally, make an announcement in the hearing of the whole congregation. Step by step is the way to proceed here.

Only after all avenues of reconcillation are exhausted should you move on.

In His love, God Bless

Why Did Jesus Die
Adam did not de-generate into man... he was created in the image of God and God said that he was good. "And God saw everything that He had made, and, behold, it was very good." Gen 1:31.

Adam, as man chose to be disobedient to the command of God and when Eve offered fruit of the forbidden tree, he also ate. That's when it all went to He** in a handbasket.

God Bless

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