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Praying The Rosary Biblical
The First Commandment should give you the answer if the rosary is Bibical.
Plus Jesus taught us how to pray in the Gospels..........Pray to the Father in My Name..........we don't pray to Mary or anyone else

Struggling With Sin
AMEN!!! Cluny

There is no other way,but Jesus

Acceptable To Spank Kids
Bare Bottom ??

What are his underwear made of,Iron??
I feel it's degrading to pull a childs underwear down to spank them.......
How about time out,or better yet..DON"T ever discipline a child when your angry.......go cool off somewhere,then talk to them


I Had A One Night Stand
God forgives all sin,if you truly repented
So if God can forgive you,then you can forgive yourself...........His Word Never Changes.......stop beating yourself up when God remembers it no more

Believe Jesus Is Coming Soon
Jesus said,we know not the time nor the hour
But my people know the signs that will
Consumate the End of this Age

Favorite World Religion

But I know in God's Perfect Timing
they will get it

Favorite World Religion
Christianity is not a Religion
It's a Reality
God doesn't want Religion,He wants a Relationship

Seen Any Evil Spirits Lately
Have you ever Annointed your House?
Have you ever commanded them to leave in Jesus Name?
Do you truly believe that where Jesus dwells no evil spirits can dwell?

A cross w/olive oil does nothing,Annoint your house and command anything that is NOT of GOD to leave in Jesus Name AMEN!!!!!!!!

My Man Is Balding And Fat
\\Cluny that was to funny//

Pray For Bad Things To Happen
Can I pray for bad things to happen to someone whom is being mean to me?

God says NO

Matthew 5:42-45

"Give to him who asks you, and from him who wants to borrow
from you do not turn away. You have heard that it was said,
'You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.'

But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse
you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who
spitefully use you and persecute you, that you may be sons
of your Father in heaven, for He makes His sun rise on the
evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the

Evangelise In Sinful Places
Didn't Jesus come for the Sinners??

We are all Sinners,because to say we are not Sinners we call God a Liar and the truth is not in us

What Is Your IQ
LOL Atheist

Biblical Reference To UFOs

It tells us in Ezekiel,that what he saw in those ufo's was the God Head

If people would only use 2 Timothy 2:15
maybe they would know exactly what God is telling us,instead of always jumping to conclusions.......

Biblical Reference To UFOs
Please read the first Chapter of the Book of Ezekiel........and there it is UFO"S
And they are from GOD

Shoved By My Deacon
Sorry I would not let anyone shove me that way........First of all God does not like when people shove us around,and we as His Kids should not allow anyone to wipe their feet on us or shove us dare he shove anyone,and a woman to boot shame on him.But I sure would open my mouth to either the pastor and if nothing was done........

HONEY 911 works like a CHARM

Doesn't matter how many years you went to that church never let anyone put their hands on you and get away with it.

Struggling With My Weight
Losing Weight

I keep my weight off because my Doctor had told me once a long time ago

Don't eat to lose weight,Eat to feel good it works

Who Wrote The Bible
Who wrote the Bible?

Penned by man.........
Inspired by God


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