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I Really Hate My Husband
you need to go to the word of God and to God himself because hate is a path to hell. we have to deal with bad situations. and we have to go through hurtful things. but if you go through them with God as your guide then the sting of much pain will be relieved. put your trust in God and let him be your guide. Give God your problem and trust him to work it out for you. give God 10% of your time each day that is 2-3 hours a day and watch him change your situation.

God can Handle your pain if you trust him with your problem.

try it and see

Theophostic Healing Ministry
I've had a few hours of Theophistic Healing training & had a wonderful Christ-filled experience, regarding traumatic events in my childhood. I asked Jesus to speak truth to me & He showed me a "picture" without my offender, but with His light. He let me know I have freedom from that person's judgments & reaffirmed that His words have power over me (since I am a Christian) & that He is the Word (of God)!

Do I Seek Revenge
I am in a similar situation. I found out that my boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) is married. Not only that. He was also seeing another woman beside me and his wife. I broke it off, of course. I tried to tell the other "girlfriend," but she did not believe me. A friend says it is my duty to make her understand what he is doing. I am still torn. I would tell him that he has to tell her or you will. After that, I would back away. You can only do so much.

Does God Forget Our Sins
This is an interesting blog. I also have believed that God, when we ask for forgiveness, does forgive us and remembers no more the sin we have confessed. I don't believe that He keeps them written down to throw at us when we get to judgement.

I believe that we will be judged as Christians on what fruit we bring. On the opportunities presented us that we refuse or miss. On the blessings we were led to be to others that we failed to be. I believe we will be held accountable to Him for these things. Mother Teresa worried at the end of her life that her hands would not be full enough to present to God when she arrived. I feel humbled and fearful of how little I may have to offer to my King when that great day comes.

What Is The Mark Of The Beast
The object is worship...Who do we worship ,God or the beast? Forehead and right hand are symbolic.Forehead = our minds and hand = our actions. Yes, there will be some way that identifies us so we who don't follow the beast can't buy or sell.Could be a microchip.. the object is worship.Will you believe with your mind the lies of the beast and follow with actions or will you refuse and obey God alone? Mark and seal... the mark of the beast, the seal of God...these words are used in a similar way.

One World Church Movement
Like the days of the Roman Inquisition..RCC will come to some kind of agreement with Protestant US. They are already buddy, buddy. Protestants don't protest RCC anymore! The Papacy will gain world power again when the churches join with her on points of worship and it will be enforced by secular powers once again.Scary for us who still protest! The US president and officials practically worship the Pope now as God.

Prophesying In Tongues
1 Corinthians 12:1-11. Speaking in tongues is a gift of the spirit. Speaking in tongues does no good if no one understands the message. It is a gift given to certain individuals to be able to communicate with those of a different language. Not everyone understands the King James version.Making that message clearer in other wording is kind of the same as speaking in tongues. It's only one of the gifts. Just because someone is speaking in tongues doesn't mean they have the Holy spirit, be careful!

Tithe To Be A Good Member
The poor widow who put all she had as an offering in the temple treasury.The rich put bigger OFFERINGS. Jesus said her OFFERING was more than theirs.It's not the amount but the heart that goes into it. They gave out of abundance. She gave all she had to live on. She gave an offering not tithe. Tithing does show God we trust HIM to care for our needs.I am poor myself and give what I can. God Blesses me, I am happy to give what I can. Tithing is not just about $, its our time etc...

Explain Genesis 6:6-7
Repent in this context means God had regrets for making man . He saw how evil they had become. It wasn't His intention or plan for us. He created us in His image to worship HIM.It pained Him to watch this , he knew it would only get worse.These people turned away from God. They had no love for God or each other. I am sure he didn't want to do this but He was left with not much of a choice. Repent for us is turning away from our sins because we realize it breaks God's heart and we are truly sorry.

Rapture Already Happened
The rapture is a future event , Jesus' second coming. 1 Thes 4:13-17. 2Peters 3:10..But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. It won't be a secret as they falsely teach. Like a thief to those who are not prepared or watching for it.

Paul's Thorn In The Flesh
The bible does not specify this thorn in Paul's side. But it is something God has done to keep Paul humble and from boasting because after all Paul was given great revelations from God. He easily could have begun to think highly of himself. It says messenger from Satan...could be a reminder of all the times he has done evil things to Christians before his conversion to keep him humble.He keeps saying he thinks of himself as the greatest of sinners.Hope this is of some help.

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