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How Long Before Jesus
Catherine, this is verbatim from Matthew 24:36 (NIV): "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."

God's Presence With Me
Catherine, I would suggest daily prayer and Scripture reading. This puts you in communion with God. Like Paul said, we must "pray without ceasing." God will also speak to you through his Word. I hope this helps.

How Long Before Jesus
Catherine you are simply incorrect. The Son does not know when the end will come. It clearly says so in the Bible. ONLY JEHOVAH GOD KNOWS. You're using semantics to try to make a point. Read the Bible!

I Lost My Cat
You cannot blame God when things like this happen. Remember: Satan is alive and well and real. God lets bad things happen; he does not cause them to happen. My beloved cat Spice of 14 years died last November; I prayed feverishly for God to spare his life, but he died anyway. But I then thanked God for the wonderful 14 years that I did have with Spice. Can you imagine what a horrible world it would be if Satan had his complete, evil way?

How Long Before Jesus
No one knows when Jesus will return, NOT EVEN JESUS. Only the father knows for sure. That is why I pay little attention to evangelists who give dates and times for Armageddon: because then they are playing God.

How To Be Saved
Dearest Sue. You can be born-again all by yourself. Salvation is so deceivingly simple, as long as one is sincere in his or her prayers. Just say this: "O God, I believe Jesus was Your son, was crucified, and rose on the 3rd day. I am a sinner. I repent of my sins. Jesus, come into my heart. I confess you as my Lord and savior. In Jesus' mighty and precious name I pray, amen." If you faithfully did this, you have eternal life. It's that easy!

Born Again Single Men
God created marriage because He believed in it. I, as a born-again man, do also. But Jesus must be at the center of any marriage. Personally, it is my fervent desire to meet and marry a Holy-Spirit-filled believing woman.

Do Christians Fear Death
The truth, Rose, is that a true Spirit-filled believer does not fear death. Why? Because he knows what waits for him on the other side. I am a born-again Christian. I love life, and do not want to die before God is finished with me, but if I were dying RIGHT NOW, I would be completely ready. When a true Christian dies, it is glorious. When a non-believer dies, it is horrible. I hope this helps.

How Can I Please God
By loving Him, praising Him, obeying Him, and thanking Him. It's that simple!

Fate Of Those With Unbelief
Eternal damnation and darkness, and total separation from God. One of the most awful things that will happen to the non-believer when he stands before Christ to be judged is that he will get a glimpse of heaven, and, for all eternity, be aware of what he missed. This horrible scenario should, in itself, make anyone want to be saved!

What Is Eternal Life
Tragically, they are condemned to eternal damnation and darkness.

Can Salvation Be Lost
Salvation can never be lost. Once we are sealed with the Holy Spirit, we are guaranteed eternal life. But Christians can and do backslide, sometimes so seriously, that a backslidden believer and non-believer appear exactly the same.

What Is Your Goal In Life
I have no more earthly goals. I am fully surrendered to Jesus, to be used to spread the Gospel and His kingdom. This is why we have been put on this fallen planet. Rick Warren spent a whole book leading up to this idea, that our purpose is simply to serve God. He should have consulted me first; I could have saved him a lot of time and effort!

How Do You Repent
Confessing your sin(s), asking God to forgive you, having Him wash you clean with the Blood of Christ, and asking Him to give you the strength to avoid that sin again.

Should Christians Tithe
Christians should absolutely tithe; it is God's commandment. But we cannot be walking in daily, unrepented sin and then tithe on Sunday expect to be blessed; you cannot "buy God off." This is the problem I have with Joel Osteen: he doesn't discuss the consequences of sin--which, of course, is why he is so popular.

How Long Is Eternity
When Christians die and reunite with Jesus, time as we know it no longer exists. In Heaven one day is like a million years, and a million years like one day. Pretty cool, huh?

Is The Bible Literal
You either believe the Bible, or you don't. To those non-believers who claim that the Bible has been rewritten by humans, and can no longer be trusted, I say this: Do you think an all-powerful God would entrust His Word to individuals whom he knew would alter it any way?

Babies Go To Heaven Or Hell
Without question, all babies go to heaven---even aborted children, though as resurrected adults.

How Should Christians Pray
Although Jesus is certainly the Divine Intercessor, there is no specific way to pray. Anyone who proclaims this is simply misinformed. Praying could be as simple as saying, "Lord please help me!"

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