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I Don't Like My Grandkids
I was looking for a blog like this to see if I were strange. I know these were written a long time ago but would like to comment. I was a mother at a young age and never really had any time for myself until my 4 kids were grown. Now they seem to think I should be wanting and and caring about my grandchildren as much as I did about my own. But I don't. In fact, I don't even like the two oldest (18yo girl and 16yo boy). Their mother left my son. I have had little to do with them for the last 6 years as they live on the other side of the country. For a long time now, whenever I speak to them I feel like I am speaking to clones of their mother, nothing about them is like our side at all. Is it weird that I feel no maternal instincts there?

Affects Of The Secular Media
I didn't really think it had any affect, by I have noticed that as my kids get older, they seem to know more about things, good and bad, than I ever would have had exposure to as a kid.

Donald Trump And Christians
I know for a fact that last year Donald Trump was given a Bible at Billy Graham's house. (My friend's son in law makes exotic leather Bibles and it was purchased from his company) I found this blog by searching as I was wondering if it had ever become public knowledge about his salvation. Interesting, huh? thx

What Is Free Will
Lisa, Why do you find so much pleasure in telling someone how they got saved? Why not tell someone that Jesus loves them and wants to save them? We are not asked to tell people how they got saved. A saved person knows how they got saved. They were there, not you. Are you now taking the place of the Holy Spirit that is our teacher? Please, get thee behind me satan!

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