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Do Sinners Go To Heaven
I was born a sinner and am not perfect.All am sain is.I doesn't mean that if God came for sinners we will go to heaven still sinners.All am sain is that we should change, biliv that Jesus is the son of God, and then try all our best to please him.And if we do that, THATS when we will enter heaven.

Do Sinners Go To Heaven
To ---alan8869.You can't go to heaven when u are a sinner.You have to change from being a sinner to being righteous before God.Thats when u will enter heaven.
Cor 5:17

Which Religion Is Right
Thats what christianity is all about.Thats what God wants from us: to biliv though we did not see, that pleases him.
Test and see that the Lord is good then u will have the prove.u will have the reasons!!!

Do Sinners Go To Heaven
Of course NOT!!!!

A Short And Ugly Man Likes Me
You marry someone you love if u don't love him just say no.
It happens.

Why Am I So Lonely
God is not punishing you, he can't steal for anyone.Satan is the one who came to kill, destroy, and steal from us.
He is the one stealing your happiness.
I encourage you to spend time with God when you are lonely, and believe me u'll see miracles happening in your life.

Is My Family Cursed With Cancer
In a book written by Rebecca Brown
(Unbroken curses).I've learnt families can inherit curses from their grandparents, and it has to be broken.Asking the Lord to forgive the sins made by the grandparents, breaking the curse and removing all demons associated with it in Jesus name.
She aslo wrote this:How do u know that u are cursed, and the answer is, ask the Holy spirit.
Ask the holy spirit if u are cursed and also to give u the strength to break the curse if there is.

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