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My Mom Just Passed Away
My mom just passed away last month. She spent the last ten years with health problems,diabetic, double bypass, breast cancer, then alzhiemers, and finaly died after a heart atack and stroke and she had religion, I ca'nt say that I do. I have way too many doughts to say I believe. But I truely hope she was rite in her beliefs.

Baptized Before Salvation
Acts 2: 37, 38 says:

Now when they heard this (Peter's sermon), they were cut to the heart, and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles, "Men and brethren, what shall we do?

Then Peter said to them "Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ FOR THE REMISSION OF SINS, AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE THE GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT."

It sounds clear to me that you get the Holy Spirit for obeying God and being baptized. Be baptized and THEN receive the gift of the HS.

How To Grow In The Lord
God cares 24/7 for all of us. He wants you to talk with him on things troubling your life.Many fear the first step, asking that meaningfull first question. Our free to all program hold monthly meetings of 4-5 neighbors to teach and inspire this message.For free information,write G. Hubbard.P.O. Box 2232,Ponte Vedra FL 32004.

Who Was Cain's Wife
Cain married one of his sisters, as his father Adam had many, many children. Cain had to marry his sister because it was part of God's plan to populate the world before the flood.

Obama's New Healthcare
As christians, aren't we suppose to help those in need? If so, How would you help those 30 millions of Americans who do not have health insurance? Is christianism a religion of selfishness? The European countries reacted to the passage of this legislation by saying to the Americans: Welcome to the 20th century. Which means, we are a century lagging behind all industrialized countries as far as the healthcare issue is concerned. Finally, we know true christians by their deeds and good intentions, not only words.

How We Get Saved
According to the bible you have salvation when you 1. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior
2. Believe Jesus died on the cross for our
3.Confess your sins.
Once these thing are done you are saved that is all that is to it nothing more or less. As simple as A,B,C Accept, Believe, and Confess. Your salvation is assured.

Why Is The Church Failing Today
After faithfully attending several churches (we moved a few times), and being nearly 60 years old, we've finally dropped from the official roles of all churches. There are, indeed, many problems in churches (after all, there are people in them!). The biggest problem I had is unbiblical teachings. You cannot tell me that the mainstream religions (Presby & Meth included) cannot read (as I did) where tithing begins and quits. That's my big pet peeve as to unbiblical teachings and there are others.

Can I Go To Heaven
Are all of you Christians? If so, the answer is yes.
Find your children a strong father figure, if their father is not one. A Christian pastor/preacher, etc. It's time to make the break from illegitimate children in your family, now. You don't want that legacy for your children.

I Am A Prophet
A real prophet might tell the nation that something not of God is headed our way. Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.
Some may be meeting God sooner, rather than later.
Don't fret or worry, pray instead. Or maybe something like, start praising the Lord. The devil hates the Praise Offerings to the Lord. The Lord commands His blesssings upon God's true worshippers. In those blessings will be every provision that you need. It's time to ascend to the hill of Praise.

I Am A Prophet
I giving you examples: but a real prophet might say as soon as Solomon became the King of Israel, he ascended to the "great high place" at Gibeon where he sacrificed a thousand praise offerings to God for God's goodness. That very night the Lord appeared to him and said, "Ask what I shall give thee!"
1 Kings 3:5
Praises to the Lord releases Heaven on earth.

I Am A Prophet
There isn't a need so great that God cannot meet you when you begin to show your gratitude to God for all His goodness to you, like Solomon did, by bringing your sacrifice of praise to the House of the Lord.
For this is the will of God concerning you.
Don't miss it. If God is calling you to give your life to Jesus Christ, disobedience may cost you your life.

Many other examples, but a prophet would not be used for degrading namecalling.

Can I Marry An Old Man
im in a relationship with a christian guy who is 18 years older than me.i'm a christian too and love God with all my heart.i desire to please him in all that i mother disagrees with it and its tough.i pray about it continuously.i seeked the face of God,i know that this guy is my Boaz.i'm not worried,I know in due season everything will fall into place.God has the right timing.So my advice to you is to always seek God first and don't let anyone's opinion deter you from your purpose.

Is The Catholic Rosary Biblical
How can anyone believe that Catholic ways are the ways of God? Their church is plagued with idolatry.

Dating After My Adultery
Suzie, you asked What kind of woman would want to date a married man? Suzie if you could spend 5 mins with Deb you would find one of the most wonderful, Christ filled, dedicated people on this earth. She did not start by dating me. Deb started by being my sister in Christ. Suzie, try being my sister in Christ & you just might find out why Deb became more in my life.

Dating After My Adultery
Tom, "any relations" what does that mean? Friendship or being intimate? The question was not if I had asked my ex-wife for forgiveness or whether I was lusting after someone. The question still stands Is there anything specifically in the bible that states that someone can not date as they wait for the court to stamp the divorce papers.

Dating After My Adultery
lorra8574 The question was not if there was provision for marriage after divorce in the NT. Your notes on marriage are confusing and contradict one another. You state marriage is until death do us part and no piece of paper can say otherwise and then you suggest That does not mean that you can't separate and or divorce. Can we please stick to the question asked specifically.

Dating After My Adultery
Responses to Rebecca & Anonymous: My blog was cut to short to tell the whole story. My 17 year old, saved, daughter Amy is concerned that my divorce was not final and I started a long distance friendship after waiting 6 months, & dating after 18 months, from being served papers on 6-04. I had already been separated, intimately, prior to being served, for many years. The divorce was final 2-07 & I thought Amy & I could move forward, agreeing to disagree but she is having a hard time with it.

Dating After My Adultery
Part 2: Responses to Rebecca & Anonymous, Keep this in mind. I met my long distance friend Deb on the internet over two years ago on Love and Seek. My profile was established to seek out new friends & I was enjoying the opportunity of encouraging other Christians. My profile was the very first & only one Deb ever looked at and we could not be happier. Deb & I have a very strong relationship in Christ. Lord willing someday I will move to North Carolina & pursue marriage.

Catholic Church And Hitler
Ed, so what are you saying? Does the Catholic church condone worship of Mary and the saints?

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