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Women Obedient To Husbands
john, how about using the word submit rather than obey?
Jesus gives liberty to the captives, He came to set the captives free. I'm not a captive and Jesus sets me free. I am not my husband's captive; nor am I on a chain gang.
The way Mima asks if this Scripture is a joke, I have watched the enemy use Scripture to bring condemnation and strife.

Women Obedient To Husbands
I have also watched men use this Scripture to their advantage; and watched men slug women in the stomach. I have watched men double their fists - all the while using this Scripture, and hit women in the face/head. I have watched men use this Scripture and kick women.

Women Obedient To Husbands
My first impression of Mima asking this question in this way, makes me want to run away from a man like Mima. Run so far away, you would never hear from me again, ever.
And while Jack may chime in (without ever being married), the way Jack responds about women, makes me want to run away from him, too.

Women Obedient To Husbands
Am I overly sensitive to "women must obey men", maybe, maybe not.
I witnessed much in my childhood. They say it takes a lifetime to overcome your childhood, maybe, maybe not. I know that 60 percent of marriages end in divorce now. Abusive husbands far outweigh abusive wives.
Statistics bear that one out.
In my lifetime, I can't recall one woman, doubling her fist and knocking the daylights out of her husband.

Women Obedient To Husbands
Jack, you have never been married. Your thoughts and views are pretty idealistic about it. You can imagine what it might be like, but until you've been there, you're warming the bench.
Mima, on the other hand, did your wife go on a vacation without you? Did she leave you some TV dinners in the freezer? Are you home alone, Mima?

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