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God Doesn't Want Me Married
I will never ever understand why would God give millions of others the Gift of life being married with a family which it is very Normal to have, and many of us have so much trouble finding Love. Especially when God did say that man Should Not be alone which i totally agree. Why should many of us have to be Alone and have No one to share our life with? I will certainly will admit that many of us very Good men out there really Hurt being Single And Alone when many women really do handle it much Better than us which i am very sure it really bothers them as well. Peace.

Once Saved Always Saved
Centuries ago, the Catholic church was selling indulgences and religious artifacts for money,causing folks to believe they needed to be saved all over again with each communion.
The protestant church adopted the once saved always saved doctrine to help people understand they did not need to buy into this money making scheme to be saved over and over again.
However reference to Revelation 3:5 indicates a backslider may actually go so far by his own free choice so as to lose his salvation at some point

Habitually Sinning Problems
It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to "work out our own salvation", we must grow daily in REPENTANCE. Repentance is NOT just a one time event whereby we feel sorry for our sins and ask for forgiveness. It is a daily working of the Holy Spirit IN US and is a GIFT given to those truly saved. Christians lean on the doctrine of "once saved always saved" fail to understand that GRACE is available to those who REPENT, the choice to stay in Christ or allow yourself to "fall away" IS STILL PRESENT, even after a profession of being "saved". Grace IS available TO the "backslider" but must be received through repentance. It does NOT automatically cover a person because they once said the sinners prayer.

Orthodox Versus Catholic
We, Syrian Christians in India are against abortion. But we support contraception.

When Is The Next Revival Coming
And that my friends is part of the problem, you believe not the scriptures and you walk like dead men having no faith!

Why Is Satan Called Lucifer
Our Father showed the angels His Son who was to be King of Heaven and Earth. He ordered the angels to bow down to Him and acknowledge Him as their King. Lucifer saw Jesus as "only a human', much lower than any angel. Lucifer said "No!" to the command and proposed a much more fitting king: Himself. That was the rebellion.

The book 'Techie Worlds', based on Abbott's Flatland, explains thoroughly these differences in 'being': the Holy Spirit, the Father, Angels and humans. It is available at Amazon

Madonna Mocking Christ
No right to use that name! Madonna refers to Mary, Jesus' mother. She parades like an old stumpet, blaspheming and ridiculing the Lord in her underwear!

She's not the only one. Christina Aguilera has reached a new low. In her music video 'Not Myself Tonight' there's a scene of her, in an orgy IN A CHURCH! If that isn't desecration of sacred space... She's removed 'Christ' from her name and calls herself Xtina.

You who read this please take note that Illuminati are behind these atrocities. Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce etc.
all use occult symbols in their music and artwork. Look for the One Eye - usually they block or draw attention to one of their eyes. Blood, death, upside down crosses seem to be the norm.

Be vigilant!

Did Jesus Drink Alcoholic Wine
God sent Christ to be the savior of the world. The example to all men. We can argue back and forth about whether or not he drank and to be honest Jesus was accused of being a wine-bibber. But just like today any man that called themself a child of God and is known to drink alcoholic drinks their witness is worth nothing, but Jesus testomonies have survived from generation to generation. So ask yourself that question can a man who is blameless actually die on the cross and take on the sins of the world and free us from the guilt of sin. Jesus did and he died sinless.

Jesus Born On December 25th
In the sixth month (Elul/August) the angel Gabriel informed Mary of her pregnancy (Luke 1:26). Nine months later would be Sivan/May.

This would place His birth in late spring which would coincide with the shepherds abiding in the field.

However, there is no valid method to pinpoint His birth date. This tells me God does not consider Jesus birth an important enough date to remember, much less celebrate. He was clear with His other holidays (Passover, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, etc.). But nowhere are we asked to celebrate our Saviors birth, only his death, burial and resurrection!

New What's Up December 2009
I would like to ask you to pray psalms 103 from your heart to God. I took those promises and beat Hep.-C,but in the mean time please see aa doctor about you're condition. Faith in God's word and faith in the gifts he has given a person(doctor) will get you healed.

Did Jesus Die For Everyone
In the mouth of two or three witnesses let the truth be established. Jesus,John6:53-58,Peter,Acts2:22-39Paul,Romans3:20-26Jesu ,Peter,and Paul read you're bible.

Is The Death Penalty A Sin
The death penalty is a govermental agent bringing judgement for henious crimes. if you will simply read Romans Chapter 13 you will see that agents of the goverment bring judgement on evil doers. Great care is taken so that this particular form of punishment is administered justly and compassionately. Yes you die but not in a cruel way. If it's constitutional then it is considered just. And we as chriastians must abide by Gods' Word.

Rapture Versus Second Coming
Would someone please explain where the 7 years (of tribulation) comes from? Thank you.

Dad Got Me Pregnant
Sweetheart my heart goes out to you but in my heart I believe that letting your daughter know who her dad is serves no purpose. It can only begin hurt,confusion,resentment,anger,vengence in her heart all negative things not good for her heart.

Women Teaching In Church
Yes, there are many female pastors in many "churches." Somehow they manage to skip Paul's admonition in 1 Cor 14:34-35 that it is a shame for women to speak in church. I take that to mean from the pulpit. That fits with the many other examples of women evangelizing and teaching from the home.

Church Does Not Need Tithe
The tithe existed before the law (Genesis 14:20), during the law, and after the law. Here mortal men receive tithes, but there he receives them, of whom it is witnessed that he lives Hebrews 7:8. Notice the words receive and receives are present tense. Hebrews was written after the death burial and ressurection of our Lord Jesus. The Word in Hebrews 7 says of Jesus "You are a priest forever According to the order of Melchizedek...because He continues forever, has an unchangeable priesthood." The only function of Melcheizedek is to receive tithes.

Word Of Faith Churches
Word of Faith is spoken of in Romans 10:6-8. Verse 8 "But what does it say? "The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart" that is, the word of faith which we preach." 1 Corinthians 3:8 tells us we are coworkers with God. There is a part that God plays and there is a part that we play. Our part is to believe the Word of God and speak things in line with the Word of God and amazing things happen! 1 John 3:21,22 1 John 5:14,15

Spiritual Gifts For Today
The Bible says in Mark 16:17 "these signs shall follow them that BELIEVE" That is why those that believe in the gifts of the Spirit experience them and their benefits and those that do not (even though they may be Christian) do not. For the person that says these gifts died with the Apostles you have to show me the chapter and verse in the Biblle that says that or it's just your opinion.

Was Judas Forgiven
There're two different words in Greek that have the same translation in English. The word that's used in Mat 27:3 is "Metamelomai" and the one in Acts 2:38 is "Metanoeo". "Meta" means "after" (both words have that in common). The second part of the word "Metamelomai" (melomai) references what is destined to happen, as in consequence, while the second part of the word "Metanoeo" (noeo) references ones mind. Judas was regretful that he did something which he would suffer for, not regretful for the suffering he caused. That's not repentance that saves. Jesus himself while praying for his disciples confirmed this in John 17:12 calling Judas the son of perdition or doomed to destruction.

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