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Sin To Date When Married
Moderator got it right! The night befor you are maried you're single. The night before the devorce is final, not just a legal separation, you're married.
Why divorce in the first place?

Enoch's Writings Missing
John, the book of Enoch is considered part of the Psudopigrapha. The real author was writing under a nom-de plum. Its date isn't comming to mind, but it was a work writen to be taken from Enoch's perspective if God had revealed all that to him in the achient of days. Jude quotes it under inspiration that dosn't mean Enoch is inspired.

What Is A Fundamentalist
The Moderator nail the nutshell of Fundamentalist:
1910 The Niagra Confrance of the Presbytarian Church - North established 5 fundamentals
#1 inerrancy of scripture
#2 Virgin Birth of Chirst
#3 The Trinity
#4 The literalness of Biblical miracles
#5 literal physical death & resurection of Christ.
1926 - a liberal coined the term in NYC "...shall the Fundamentalists win?!"

How Do You Baptise
Can you provid those citations from Acts. I remember the "Baptism of John" verses the "Baptism of Jesus" not necisarily in the name of Jesus. At anyrate, I think people are way over the top on this site. God Bless

Is Sola Scriptura Proper
Rubin you wanted to know where the Bible claimed that were saved by faith well we aren't we're saved by Grace through Faith (Now for vs. 10) to do good works which God, who is soveregn, prepard before we were saved to do. The works don't save us the church doesn't save us, God's Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ saves us.

How Do You Baptise
Jack, I Baptize by emertion, in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit following the confession of Faith and demonstration of genuin conversion. However, you need to be careful with using terms like "real Christians" you are not the judge of who is in the kingdom and who is out. Baptism is a testimony not a work unto salvation.

Is Sola Scriptura Proper
Ruben, read Eph. 2:8,9. Something about Grace through Faith not of works. Sola Fide.

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
First the idea of Jesus' "brothers" being cousins comes from Augustine who had an issue with sex. Prior to the fourth Century it was universally accepted that Jesus had blood half-brothers.
Check out Mark 3:31, Luke 8:19, Matt. 12:47 & John 7:3-5. In the last one why does Luke mention both brothers and disciples?

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Is Mary a mediator for us today?
Short answer: NO!
She was a very special and blessed person, with a very special responciblity that she caried out, but that's where it stops. She needed Jesus as her savior the same you or I do today.

Generational Curses Biblical
The idea of generational curses misrepresents God's love, mercy, grace, and justice. Christians must not promote it. I would advise my friends to read the book, "The Myth of the Generational Curse" by G. A. N. James published by Xulon Press, 2007. It presents Scripture passages which show the falsehood of the idea of generational curses.

Are There Generational Curses
If we have to assume that generational curses are real, then how would we account for any of us not being affected or infected, since in every family there would be ancestors who would have committed some sort of acts deserving curses? If curses can be genetically transmitted, why not salvation?

Are There Generational Curses
John, this is the Gilbert that has been posting at this site from Aug. on. I didn't write that post on the 18th. Some obiously used my name and may know my e-mail address to look like me. Or maybe someone else named Gilber posted and the diferent e-mail slipped past the Moderators. I agree with you and the Moderator.

Are There Generational Curses
Generational curses are figment of people's imagination based on occultic assumption of explaining misfortunes in people's lives. It has no Biblical foundation. The Bible states that children will not bear the sins of fathers. Deut. 24:16, Eze 18:1-4, 20, 25-27, 30-31. A very good book, which is soundly based on the Scriptures, showing that the idea of the generational curse is a misguided one, is called "The Myth of the Generational Curse" by G. A. N. James published by Xulon Press, 2007.

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