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Dad Got Me Pregnant
It sounds like you're thinking of telling your daughter who her real father is because she's now 14, the same age you were when you had her. If that's the only reason, then, since it's not a good reason, I wouldn't tell her until she was older, past her teens. If your father is still around I would keep him from her and you still need not tell her why.

Is Usury A Good Thing
Strong Axe: When you get interest on your money through a bank it's a lot less than what the bank charges for their loans.
I agree with others that banks, especially through their credit cards, charge excessive interest. Now they also charge excessive high fees if you're even 1 day late paying. I think this policy by banks is not too bright since many are reneging on their credit cards and loans.

Is Usury A Good Thing
A note on credit cards: Many people frown on the use of them and judge others who use them. Well, I happen to know that many working class people need to use their credit cards to finance things like getting their cars fixed, getting a warm coat, buying warm clothing, etc. My mother was very frugal with her cards and once in awhile she'd buy a frivolous item but most of the time she used her card for necessities.

Dad Got Me Pregnant
It would be good if you could get a prayer partner or 2 that you really trust to pray with you about this. Ask for the Lord's Wisdom in this. Make sure your partners are objective and don't have a firm opinion on this or if they do, they have shown willingness to listen to the Lord despite what they think. Personally, I would leave it alone unless my daughter kept pestering me about it. But groundwork would need to be laid first.

My Mom Is Acting Out
Often people who feel repressed will act out once they feel freed up. By telling her God disapproves it smacks of judgment and she won't listen. Once my Mom was going out with a married guy. I just listened without judgment. I asked her later if she still was going to her prayer group. When she said "no" I knew it was from shame but I encouraged her to go anyway, that Jesus sits in the midst of sin and to bring Him even on her dates with this guy. Shortly after she let go of that relatitonship.

My Mom Is Acting Out
Part 2: I also agree with the answer from "Donna" about the possible causes. I have found many people change after I treat them like adults and let them know that I'm not saying their behavior is ok but what I believe God is interested in is a change from within. There are already too many Christians who act like Christians but whose hearts are unchanged and they are judgmental, bitter, etc. The love of Christ does not shine through them.

My Mom Is Acting Out
Whether they know it or not, people in this world want to know the light and love of Christ. Just love your Mom and when religion pops up just encourage her to keep Jesus with her whether it's through reading the Bible and/or praying. Encourage her to bring Jesus' presence into whatever she's doing. After all, Jesus came to be among sinners. She may not be able to do this because of shame but keep loving her and encouraging her.

Just Lost Husband And Need Help
Having lost many loved ones through the years I can definitely sympathize with both writers. Grieving is a process and you have to let it take its course. I'd pray that Jesus help me carry the cross burden of my grief. And, he would. One thing I learned after my first few losses - never put all your focus on one person. Make sure to have some good friends besides your mate. If all the focus is on your mate then the loneliness will be that much more intense should they die before you.

Mom's Ungodly Lifestyle
I just want to add one thing to everyone's good advice. Your mother living with 3 different guys within the space of a year and a half doesn't bode well for clear judgment on her part. What kind of guys is she picking out? How do they treat you? have you ever felt unsafe with any of these boyfriends? Is there any way you can go live with either your father (preferably) or a relative who can provide a stable environment for you to live in? Please write again & let us know how things are going.

Men Interested In Large Women
I found Christian men much like non-Christian men. Just because they get salvation doesn't mean their preferences for certain types of women changes and they now look mainly at the "heart" of a woman. I have seen some exceptions now and then. We are all soaked with our cultures' preferences through the media. Since men are usually more attracted visually to what's outside of themselves, they'll be drawn to the present popular ideal.

Men Interested In Large Women
I grew up on Long Island, NY and was miserable. I was an overweight child and was constantly being ridiculed in school. Then when I was a teen, my family moved back to Canada where I was born. I went into one made fun of me and boys were interested in me. I was even included in the girls'groups when they talked of boys. There was much less media influence I noticed. I've had the same much more open reaction when I visited other countries.

Men Interested In Large Women
Curt is only telling the truth but I think it has to do with geography. NY and LA where you can never be thin or rich enough. I don't find it that way here in NC where I live now. I have hypothyrodism. While in NY I was able to maintain a normal weight for over 20 years. I moved to NC and became chronically ill with liver disease. With little activity I gained a lot of weight. But I get more attention from men here than when I lived in NY.

Should We Pray To Saints
The Bible is clear that we can only go to the Father (God) through Jesus Christ. We can pray in the (Holy) Spirit but praying to "Saints" as the Catholic church defines them is like praying to the dead. All denominations have something to offer and the Catholic church is great for honoring those who have achieved deep levels of spiritual growth. I love studying their lives. Helps me to learn & grow. But it's a form of idolatry to pray to them for intercession.

Is the Prosperity Gospel Biblical
Those who preach the Prosperity Gospel take bits and pieces from the Bible to promote materialism. It's not wrong to become prosperous but the focus is to be on Jesus Christ "and all will be added unto us" (paraphrase). God says he'll take care of all our needs, not all our wants which can be endless and be an idolatry in and of itself.

Illegal Worker Wants Money
I would be suspicious of the customs officials who took the money. Whether it's individuals or our government who took the money, it's stealing. Our government was only owed back taxes ("render unto Caesar...)unless there's some law somewhere that states all monies made by illegal aliens has to be permanently surrendered to our govt.

Want To Throw My Son Out
It depends on what the source of conflict is. If your son is disruptive, undisciplined then it is best for him to live outside the home. If it's just a personality clash between your son and husband then it could go either way but your husband needs counseling to get over his territory thing.

Is Man Both Good And Evil
I believe D is right. Man, more often than not, has the capability of being evil. Just look at the past and present atrocities committed by Man. Yet, as it states in Genesis, Man was made in the image of God. Through Christ, we can become good. We always will have to choose between doing evil or doing good. If we choose good, then having made the choice for good, we are operating out of the good that is God's image within us or Christ living within us.

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