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Can A Person Be Born Evil
answer me this,
do babies go to hell and get tossed in the lake of fire if they die?

Innocent is not the same as sinless.
Babies do not even know what sin is.
To sin is to miss God's mark of perfection.
Does a baby know what that means? Nope.

We teach them what it means.
That is why God tells us to train up a child in the way it should go and it will not depart from it.
We must train our children to do right, show them to do right.
Just the same as training to do wrong. But they are not born doing wrong or sinning.

Why Are Teens Cutting Themselves
Andy, you are un-imformed about cutters and should be careful not to mislead a parent. Cutters may very well need Jesus, but Jesus created doctors with minds to counsel people with problems. A cutter needs counseling!

My daughter is saved and yet she has started cutting herself. To a cutter, cutting themselves is the same as a smoker who smokes when under stress. I smoke, can't quit either, yet I know I'm saved and have a heavenly home.

If you aren't a psychologist dont give advice about something this serious!

Why Offically Join A Church
All christians are the church. The church is the body of Christ with Christ being the head. We should not call a building the church, it is christian fellowship. I know we christians have our different religions but I love all my brothers and sisters in Christ no matter what. We need fellowship with each other and the Holy Spirit so that our spirit grows. That is the point of going to "church".

Heathens Cast Out Demons
I completely agree. Unless we have Jesus in us, we cannot do the same he did. We must confess then Jesus says "Me and my father will come and make our abode in you". This is how we are able to cast out demons. False Christians do not have power. Christ says that after receiving him we shall have power.

Reconciliation Years After Divorce
I have been wondering the same. It was refreshing to see others have similar questions and desires. We (my ex and I) have been through so many trials, and I think we have allowed them to divide us.
I just don't know if these sudden desires for possible reconcilliation is from our Father or from elsewhere. I sincerely want God's will for my life, so I am trying to decipher if this is such or not. Any insight?

Depressed Pastor Left Me
No Susie, you're not imagining it, it did take a turn. Maybe jean went back to sleep.

May's Humor Blog
Mrs. Morgan, you are a young woman. The reason some of us have to keep swapping names is due to controversial subjects. Every time we post, and someone gets mad, they use your name. Not once, but every single time. After awhile, you learn to dance like a butterfly and move around alot.
I'm not hung on votes, so it doesn't bother me. I was tired of defending my name. It was either rope-a-dope or dance like a butterfly.

Can Christians Sue Others
No, because we should forgive money matters and let God judge between the 2 saints. Not the world.

What Is God's Perfect Will
God is not double minded. The scripture about the Good, Perfect, and acceptable will of God is THREE adjectives describing his one will for our lives. We are either in the will of God or in our own will. He has one will. We have ours and whether we will choose his.

Ideas For 87 Year Old Driver
Darlene, that's a tricky one. Of course you want her to be as independent as possible, but the inevitable will happen...eventually she won't (or shouldn't) be able to drive. For everyone's safety, her doctor should request a driving test and a report sent to him and HE should make the determination...her mind may be sharp but the stroke may have slowed her reaction time, and only a test can determine that. I remember how painful it was going through this with my parents. My heart goes out to you!

Why Can't A Man Find A Wife
Steve, you state that "40 is too old for me to be interested in". I had a good laugh at that...perhaps it is better that you did not marry previously because what would have happened to your poor wife when she reached 40?!! This is just too funny.

Why Is Heatwave Happening
Alan, in regards to what you were saying about the UK and its close kinship to Africa and the wider world, I agree. I have lived in America and in Europe, and it wasn't until I was a resident in Europe did my entire perspective change on how interconnected we all are and how much more we need to work together. I can only speak for myself...I was suffering from "tunnel vision" before, and now I am grateful to be rid of that awful "us and them" mindset.

See A Christian Counselor
I agree that a Chritian counselor is a wise thing to do, as sometimes we are too close to a situation to see it clearly (the forest for the trees, as it were). Find one who is highly recommended and if your wife doesn't want to attend, at least go yourself. You need help in sorting things out. Also, there are two books I found helpful, Love Must Be Tough (Dr. Dobson) and Relationship Rescue (Dr. Phil McGraw). May God bless.

Why Is Heatwave Happening
Funny how this thread has erroded from a discussion about climate change to who is the most pius and sacrificial worker for the Kingdom. My bible reminds me that we should boast in nothing save Christ; that our efforts are as filthy rags. As we are told in scripture, we should not broadcast our good works for others' approval.

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