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Any Alternative Medicine Views
God made humans intelligant inorder to be able to create medications and life saving treatments. I think people can over use medication but, both natural and "hospital" medications and treatments are fine. Prayer is an amazing healer as well!!!! I was to have a surgery to stop bleeding in my nose, throat and ears, and was healed, with no "medical" explanation

Must True Christians Mature
If you are saved you are saved. But I believe if you are saved God with convict you to grow in your faith. You will have the desire to grow into a more mature Christian. I gae my life to God as a childand was baptized at the age of 17 but can honestly say until the past year I was a sitting Christian. I see God in everthing in my life, everday! I am more than a standing Chritian, I am Jumping and Dancing for the Lord! God will poke you with conviction to grow!!!

Women Obedient To Husbands
In regards to woman not speaking in the Church, at the time when the bible was being writen woman were uneducated, and did not know whaat they were talking about. I had a man in my Church tell me it was wrong for me to be involved in the singing at the front of the Church. However I was allowed to teach Sunday School? So while I was teaching the 4 year olds there first impresions of God, I was not able to sing songs with already established lyrics to grown adults that have already formed their minds of God? Regardless I am in a praise and worship band with men and woman, including my husband!!

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