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Tithe To A Family Member
If one has a limited budget and a family crisis and need comes along like a adult child in drug rehab or a major finanical set back where the adult child needs help, is it acceptable to consider that giving to help them, they are poor, hurting and in also giving a tithe. Need a tithe be stricly limited to the church or other parachurch organizaions? What about if your own family is living the street? Isn't that helping the poor and needy in compliance with the heart we should have towards giving?

Roles Of Women In Church
The reason there are women in what would normally and should be the role of men is...
1. Because men won't rise up and take the role that God has appointed to them.
2.Men have been demoralised in society as being too aggresive and as a result have been feminised. In schools today we are taught to be in touch with our feminine side.
3.The womens Lib. movement...go back into church history before that and you would have never seen this role reversal.

Pastor Confessed An Affair
To truly repent doesn't just mean to say that I'm sorry. IT MEANS TO TURN AND GO THE RIGHT DIRECTION.If you can forgive him it will save your marriage. That will mean that he will have to earn your trust all over again.
Concentrate on healing your relationship first. TRUE REPENTANCE IS. I was wrong,Im sorry,please forgive me, how can I make things write. This must be said to everybody that has been affected by this circumstance. Only then can healing begin.

God Does Not Speak To Me
God is allways speaking in different ways to us.Dont ask him to speak to you. Ask him to give you an ear to hear. His sheep know his voice.

Baptism Guarantees Salvation
Baptism by water is a public witness that you have exepted Jesus as your Savior.
You must be baptised by the Holy Ghost to be saved.

Rapture Of The Church
Jesus said,as in the days of Noah so shall it be in the end times. In the days of Noah the wicked were taken away, and the rightous stayed here.

Should I Leave This Church
God put the pastor in charge of the church. As a shepherd over his sheep. He also put parents over the children. Now for the problem in your church. Next time you go. Don't worry about what everybody else is doing. Put your hands up and praise our God and forget about all things but Him.Watch what will happen. You will be blessed, because your relationship with Jesus is between just you and him. Where all human. Show me a church without problems, and Ill show you a cemetery.

Must Christians Tithe
Jesus sat at the offering plate to see who tithed and who didn't. Read Mark chapter 12 verses 41-44. The new testament is the fulfillment of the old testament.All the people that are mentioned in the new testament,all knew the old testament well. Jesus himself thought it was pretty important,shouldn't we.

Evolution versus Creationism
God has to put his faith in your heart to believe his word. Think about this.God said that that he would supply all our needs, IF we are obedient to his word.Everything that is on this earth, {except for a few moon rocks} came from this earth including this PC that your on. Now that's a perfect God who thought of everything. Nope. I don't think we came from monkeys.

I Need A Good Pastor In Church
If your church is still seeking the pastor God has chosen for them I would count it an honor to be considered for this role as pastor. I will be praying for you1

Unclean Spirit In You
Melinda, Do you have scripture reference to substantiate that claim or is that just a personal belief?

Wife Sleeping With Guys
KarenD, What sort of minister are you?

Is Mary A Mediator For Christians
Emcee,Please dont be offended as this is not my intent.Gen.3:15 says," seed)shall bruise thy head,and thou shalt bruise his(seed ie:Jesus)heel. Mary has no power.All power belongs to God.

What Is The Biblical Sabbath
regarding your question for evidence in scripture of Saturday = Sabbath. Mark 15:42, Luke 23:54 both indicate that the cruxifiction took place the day before the Sabbath (Good Friday) in fact the NLT translates it as Friday. John 20:1, Luke 24:1, Mark 16:2, Matthew 28:1 all indicate that the resurrection took place on the first day of the week (Easter Sunday) again the NLT translates 1st day of the week as Sunday. Hope this answers your question. As of now I am moving on from this website.

What Is The Biblical Sabbath

Scripture is clear that the seventh day is the Sabbath. Genesis 2 & Exodus 20. Look at most foreign languages. For example in Spanish the word for the 7th day (saturday) is Sabbato, which also can be rendered Sabbath. Also just because some of the Jews of Jesus time committed murder doesn't mean all the Jews are unfaithful.

What Is The Biblical Sabbath

I wish you luck and good fortune. I don't claim to be the "all knowing". However, one thing I know is that believing Jesus means also believing what he has said "I did not come to abolish the law". At this time I will follow his instruction to wipe the dust off of my feet and move on. Good luck.

What Is The Biblical Sabbath
The fact that Saturday is the Sabbath can easily be proven by the simple fact that Jesus himself kept the Sabbath on that day. If the Jews were in error he would have cerainly corrected them on it since He is the one who wrote the law in the first place.

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