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My Husband Hits Me
Hi Claudia,
please flee to a shelter. This type of behavior only get's worse. I experienced this type of lifestyle from my boyfriend for 10 years. It never gets better only worse. Please let me know what I can do to help. You nor your children deserve this. It will be hard, but you you have got to take a stand. You will make it.

Does God Pick Your Mate
The Lord can definitely pick a mate for you. Oftentimes, after He reveals this, He may cause you to wait upon Him to see the promise fulfilled. This can be because both or one of you is not ready for the marriage. In my case, He clearly delineated who the man is. The waiting is the hard part. This type of situation is a hard test of faith and trust, and if it is passed successfully, is a major milestone in the Christian experience.
The man I've been promised is not ready, he is backslidden and confused. The waiting is the hardest part, because at some point the promise seems impossible and the circumstances unlikely to produce the desired result. This is where the shield of faith and the sword of the Word come in handy.

How To Explain Creationism
"In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth". (period) It does not say how long ago that was. The earth is indeed millions of years old.

Explain John 5:8
The WATER is the natural birth.

How To Explain Creationism
To Ignatius, I do not need to take cosmology/physics classes. Reading and learning my Father's Word is enough!!

What Is Annointing Oil
The anointing oil should be olive oil.

How To Explain Creationism
For those that believe in evolution I ask, "where did the earth and the planets come from? They, of course will say, "there was a "big bang", and everything came to be'. Look at the shape of the earth and the planets. How could anything come out of some kind of explosion and be in the shape spheres?

No Tongues No Mansion
The word "tongues" means languages. The Pentecost tongue spoken of in Acts chapter 2, was not an unknown "tongue". It was understood by everyone in the room in their own languages.

Is Christianity A Religion
Christianity is not a religion, but a reality!!

Can I Continue To Sin
Jesus said to forgive " seven times seventy." If we have a sin that is habitual, then we should pray for His help to overcome it, instead of continually sinning & repenting.

Two Dinosaurs In The Bible
The earth is millions of years old. Genesis 1:1 says, " In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."(period) It doesn't say how long ago He created them. Man is 6,000 to 14,000 years old. The dinosaurs were in that eternity past.

Does Evil Come From God
God does not create evil. The word "evil" should be translated "calamity".

Any Thoughts On Cremation
We have no more use for this body when we die. As soon as we die, our spirit goes back to the Father.

Christian Wife Wants Separation
I'm not sure if this still applys. I'm a christian wife and I want a separtion. My husband is like you. He's a good provider, however it takes more than just being a provider. A woman need to feel wanted and loved. When the connection is lost, it is difficult to get back. Men can provide for his family, but lack in the area of providing the small things. Dates, dinners alone, romantic evenings, or just because moments. Women are like flowers, if they are not watered the leaves begin to dry up and fall of. It will take a lot more water to get it back to it normal state then it would have been if you would have wanted her more than just once. Stop being comfortable, spontaneous is the key.

Do Aliens And UFOs Exist
Dont know enough about this. It sounds wierd but, the bible does say there are good spirits and fallen spirits. the bible says something about that but, don't know where . I believe it could be the bad spirits.

Have You Seen God Heal
Dear one, I am living proof of a very deadly fact. Physical healing and miracles really do happen---repeatedly in my life. Twice cancer, stage 5, given the death sentence by 7 via God and 100's of prayer warriors. Experimental surgery and treatment w/o chemo & overcoming almost deadly staff infection after surgery. Another very large tumor arose after the above & prior to it's removal the surgeon took xray--it was suddenly gone. Prayer is God's gift and our miracles follow. I'm still alive. I have even greater true stories of my life of miracles--some even 'freaky to me' as a missionary of 68 yrs. of age. Truly God is an awesome God!

Should Abortion Be A Choice
Who better to ask about a creation except the creator. God created all of us His word says even before we were placed in the womb He knew us, He numbered the very hairs on each of our heads and formed us in the womb. God says thou shall not and men say I'll decide what to do. For me it comes down to either you believe and trust God or you believe in yourself. Foolish man!, can't even follow instructions in living this life, given to us by our Father, the One who created us. Read the instruction book, "the Bible."

I Am Depressed And Sad
Hello Dear: I am sorry to hear that you are going through this period of sadness. I understand your pain. I was in a relationship where I experienced the same. Do you have other interests? Can you take a few days of vacation to reflect on everything that is going on in your life? Will pray for you. glora3346

Can The Internet Provide A Man
Let me just say, the Bible states there is nothing made that was made that was not made by Him. Therefore He created all things, not some (all things). The Bible also states there is nothing done under the sun which has not been done before.

Now, ask yourself this being true and the word of God is true. Why would God not use the internet for His purpose, He knows His plans He has for you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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