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Man Made Global Warming
Who says the current trend is cooling? Global mean temperatures, based on actual empirical observations worldwide, peaked in 2000. After a drop in 2001, they have been steadily climbing again ever since, and are now once again close to that peak.

When Did Dinosaurs Die Out
Catherine, I have quite an interest in geology, and have heard rumours about these supposed dinosaur and human footprints a number of times - yet, no matter how hard I look, I can't find any reference material on them, not so much as a picture. Do you have one? I strongly suspect this to be an urban legend.

Divorced And Now Dating A Girl
1 Corinthians 7:11-15. Seems clear enough to me.

Husband Doesn't Want Kids
Miche - very well said. I agree entirely.

Is It A Sin To Be On Welfare
I'd suggest that it depends on why you're on it. Some of us fall on hard times through no fault of our own, and welfare is there for just such people. Others simply feel like the world owes them a living - which is much more dubious.
So long as you're trying to find work, I'd say you're ok.

Former Husbands Kids
Under what circumstances did you separate? Could he feel bitter about it? Was there bad feeling? Perhaps it's you he's avoiding, not them (which I say just as a suggestion, I don't mean to be provocative!)

Divorced And Now Dating A Girl
The Bible says that if a woman leaves a man, the man is freed from marriage. Men must not divorce their wives. It's very specific! You may persue this relationship, I just hope you are both happier than you were in your first marriage.

Was The Thief Saved
If anyone ever was saved, it was him. Jesus himself says so, one of only a small number of people to have that privilidge, to be named in scripture as saved!

Husband Left Three Weeks Ago
I have to agree with most other posters here. If you don't know what's wrong yourself, people here won't be able to tell you!
Have you any knowledge of any of his actions since he left? If you have a joint bank account, get a recent statement and see where he's been spending money. Call his family and mutual friends. Oh yes - and if you have been having problems with money, do try to rein in any excesses you've been indulging in!
God bless.

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
I regret to say I agree with Tina. There aren't many virgins about these days, so you're likely going to have to either look hard or get used to the idea of dating someone who's got 'a past'. There are many fine women out there who no longer have their virginity!

When Did Dinosaurs Die Out
Dinosaurs became extinct (more or less - crocodiles, tortoises and a few other species could arguably be described as dinosaur survivors) about 65,000,000 years ago. The flood was a few thousand years ago - so dinosaurs were long gone by flood times.

Man Made Global Warming
Global means the whole world, not just the spot you happen to be standing on!

God Does Not Speak To Me
Why is it when we talk to God, it's praying - but when he talks to us, it's schitzophrenia?

Obama's Marijuana Possession
Making guns illegal wouldn't hurt either!

Man Made Global Warming
Degree in environmental sciences, spent years studying this... and short answer is yes, it's real.

Joyce Meyer's Is A False Teacher
I'm perplexed that anyone looking at JM would be aroused, but hey, to each their own...
If I have any concerns about her, it would be that she tends to paint Christian life as being easy and prosperous - which I cannot agree with!

How To Get Husband Back
Jane: as your husband has committed adultery, Biblically you MAY leave him, but of course you don't have to... I'm not sure if you even know if you want to continue in your marriage or not. I'm glad you still love him, though. Do you know why he strayed? Did he think there was something missing from his life, or was it simply lust?
If the former, you may be able to make changes to better the marriage and steer it back to a better place. If the latter, it's all down to whether he can control himself in future, and whether trust can be earned back.
Perhaps we could all pray for her?

I Hate My Husband
It's disheartening, isn't it Ralph?
I wonder if these women speak to their husbands the same way they speak about them... if so, it's no wonder they have weak marriages! I asked a while back if there were any women on here that actually loved their husbands. Only one was had the heart to say yes!
I'd say you have been spared, indeed.

How To Get Husband Back
You may be able to do more than pray. Are you atill in contact with him or his family? If so, arrange to meet him if possible. You may be able to befriend him and fall in love anew. Prayer is good, prayer backed up by positive actions is better.

Are We Living In The End-Times
Anti-Christ? That term isn't even IN Revelation! You mean 'Beast', right?

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